Colin Farrell is to star in a remake of 'Total Recall', it has been confirmed.

The Irish actor will reprise Arnold Schwarzenegger's lead role in the 1990 classic.

Farrell is currently putting himself through a gruelling training regime in a bid to get in shape for the action hero part of Douglas Quaid.

He said, "Im curious every time I go to work and Im curious to go to work on 'Total Recall'.

"Script is cool. Script is smart. Its clever and its well written and theres loads of action.

I saw some of the pre-visualisations already and its the first time in years where I went, Wow! I could be part of that? In that frame? Its gone back to the original.

Talking about the film, producer Neal Moritz commented, "I think the world that [director] Len Wiseman is creating is incredible. Its a real world, a real future world, where the cities have just gotten so overcrowded that the cities are just built up, up, up, up."

He added: "Were playing it like a real world, but theres all these technological advancements to the real world, and its just really, its cool. Its an awesome movie. Im dyingas a fan of movies, more than anything, its a movie that Im just dying to see.

Filming on 'Total Recall' will begin in May.
Does anyone else think this is a crap idea? Man, why can't they leave the old films alone. I enjoyed Total Recall and have absolutely no desire to see it being remade. Sigh.