I did a search, didn't bring up this movie, if my extream idiotcy made me fail everyone can hit me.

Just watched it today on dvd(coming out on the 29th), and in case anyone is confused on how this happened and pulling the bs card I work for blockbuster so we get advance copies for the employees to watch.

Overall it was surprisingly good. For those who don't know its basic plot is a deadly virus appears in england, and the government quarantines the whole northern half of their island to prevent it from spreading but it appears years later. Their last resort is to go into the previously quarintined area to find a vaccine.

I know the premise is kinda meh, but it was surprisingly good, even if you get bothered by the overabundant lovetap explosions. Best way I could describe is is Mad Max 1 eviornment meets Mad Max 2 Civilization.
I guess this trailer mgiht help more than my rabling tho. YouTube - Doomsday Trailer