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Thread: Wall-E

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    Quote Originally Posted by dizzcity View Post
    I agree... to me, the movie was really more about the growing apathy of the human race towards our condition. I loved how the spaceship was named Axiom - to me it was a brilliantly satirical comment about how we label our problems under a simple axiom or platitude that we take to be self-evident and then brush it off without truly thinking about them.
    Wow, nice catch. I agree.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dizzy
    I think they could have carried it further by showing more about the helplessness of humanity, but I guess being a Disney movie, it had to have a redemptive ending, so the Captain showed much more fortitude than I would have expected from a 6th-generation spacer who has been overindulged and taken care of by robots his entire life.
    I was sort of surprised by that, too. I was rooting for him when he was messing around with the wiring - although, this is a man who can't read well enough to pronounce "manual," so thinking about it again it's somewhat strange that he even knew how to do that. But I didn't think it was really plausible for him to be strong enough to hang onto the co-pilot the way he did.

    On the other hand, I think it's true that if you want to take control of your own life, you have to do it for yourself. I would've found the scene less effective if he'd been rescued by the rogue robots, or Wall-E and Eve. In this case, I think I'm willing to let the message outweigh how likely it was that he'd be able to do it. (Or at least the message that I got out of it.)

    Quote Originally Posted by dizzy
    (It still puzzles me how they could reproduce, though... considering that they seem to be staring at the screens most of the time) XD
    I wondered that too, even though I know I probably should have been paying attention to other things. (The apparent lack of people on the ship was also a bit interesting. It really wasn't all that large of a space ship, so I was wondering where everyone else went...drowned in garbage? Eek.) Anyway, the things I could think of were cloning, or some kind of artifical method. The rest of their technology was pretty advanced, so who knows.

    Quote Originally Posted by vphamv View Post
    It was ronery and the lame/obvious jokes kept me going the whole time.
    I think that kind of joke can really work with the right approach. You can see many of them coming from a mile away, but the delivery lets them still be as funny as ever.

    Quote Originally Posted by vphamv
    People can get the general point, and she was such an ice queen.
    You mean Eve? She's just a career girl. ~__^

    Quote Originally Posted by Joeyt741 View Post
    I think even with lack of dialog the story progressed nicely, and you were still able to get a feel for all of the characters personalities, even Wall-E's pet cockroach. One of my favorite movies of the summer def.
    I actually loved how little dialogue there was, particularly at the start. It was amazing to watch how effectively everything could be conveyed. I think what they say is true, about a lot of communication being non-verbal. It was interesting to see it in action.

    Then again, some people hate that. I forget which movie it was (maybe "Stallion" - was that an animated film, vphamv?), but my sister, aunt and I once watched one with a non-speaking horse as the main character. My sister and I got along all right, but my aunt was just lost for the entire thing. I guess it depends on what you're looking for in a movie...I personally found the lack of dialogue at the start pretty engaging, because you have to watch for other cues. I admit I noticed a lot more of them the second time I saw it. ^^

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    That was the spirit of Cimarron

    but they had a narrator in that movie

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaom View Post
    I think that kind of joke can really work with the right approach. You can see many of them coming from a mile away, but the delivery lets them still be as funny as ever.

    You mean Eve? She's just a career girl. ~__^
    Yeah, I felt the were done exceptionally well which is why I was happily surprised. =D

    I see you're a career girl too... DX
    Street Fighter > All

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    i seen wall-e - love it - i like the fact that the movie is fill with lots of speaking - my fav has to be mo - he's adorable - another thing i like about the movie is that they're sending a message that earth can be like that one day -


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