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    Default Camp Rock.... rocks???

    Who saw the Disney mania of the summer?

    What did ya think?

    I had to watch it out of curiosity and mass media ads telling me to watch it. Damn my curiosity.

    Okay, going in you knew it was going to be friggin cheesy and poorly scripted, but I watched it anyway. It seemed A LOT like High School Musical. Just saying.

    Oh well. 1hr and 07 minutes into the movie and all was forgiven. Bathing suits cameos ftw.

    hahahaha. I'm not even a Jonas Brothers hard-core fan or anything.


    I was disappointed that the other 2 JB were barely in the movie. Why advertise "staring JB" if they're not even in it!!!

    Meh, I just like to see if singers can act.

    I didn't like the chemistry between the two. So akward. I hated Mitchy's smile... it was so... over done. Too much lipstick.

    Also, I'm very glad they didn't kiss. They just get to hold hands like 5th graders. woot!

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    I think I'd rather shoot myself in the head than watch that movie...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Popothepenguin View Post
    I think I'd rather shoot myself in the head than watch that movie...
    Haha, my original sentiments exactly! But I finally caved in when a friend of mine insisted that I watch it because I admittedly am a fan of the first High School Musical (please don't bash me on this :P).

    The movie is alright. I actually live under a rock and have never heard of the Jonas Brothers at the point in time when I was watching the movie (okay, I lied, I knew who they were but I honestly never heard their music before...). I was pleasantly surprised that the singing was very entertaining and the film did have what my friend refers to as "cute" moments. I guess in Disney fashion, the movie is heartwarming and quirky. The lead girl is fairly attractive, I say this in a non-pedophilia sort of way because I think I'm much too old for her and I'm only 18.

    This is a movie worth watching if you happen to stumble across it on Disney Channel, but I wouldn't go so far as to add it to your Netflix queue.




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