Anyone watch this showtime series? I've been a big fan of it ever since it came out, and as odd as it is, my mother is also a big fan so it's one of the few things her and I can relate to!

If you have seen it, whose your favorite character? Favorite coupling? Least-Favorite?

If you haven't seen it, you defiantly should. It's a great series, although if you have anything against a lot of drama and lesbians, it's probably not the best thing for you!

My favorite character has to be Shane. I am a huge Shane fan, I have like every single picture ever published of her saved on my comp, and if there were a poster of just her on it, I would buy enough to plaster my walls xD Watching her struggling relationships and confused life is really enjoyable, and I am always constantly hoping that she'll someday find the right girl to actually settle down with and be happy. She may have hurt many girls hearts by her easy-going ways, but she's really a good person all the way through.

as for couplings, that's a hard question, there are many that I am very fond of. Although I defiantly enjoyed the Dana-Alice relationship, because of it's shy awkwardness, even if things turned out the way they did. And watching Tina and Bette coming and going all the time is pretty amusing to watch as well. Of all the character's Shane's been with, Paige has always been my favorite, and I really hope somehow, someday things will be worked out between them...(although, I highly doubt it.)

My least favorite character? Well, that's easy. Jenny. I started out liking her at first, but when she starting becoming manipulative and cruel, I just couldn't stand her. Even if she's gorgeous, I can't forgive some of the things she's done.

Well, I guess that's it, I'm off *skips away*