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Thread: Zelda Movie!?

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    Default Zelda Movie!?

    Wonder if it's an April Fools Joke???

    IGN: UPDATE: Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer Premiere

    Anywayz I think the Trailer is Ok... I wonder how they're gonna pull off a Link that' never speak, he doesn't speak in the trailer btw.

    I have my doubts about the movie adaptation from the game especially since it looks like they've taken material from OoT and made their own version of their story or shortened it. I'd of prefer if they've kept to the Oot Storyline.

    Edit:Oops it really is an april fools joke but the trailer looks authentic... my bad I'll have to read cloesly next time lol

    IGN Video: Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer Movie - Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer Debut (HD)

    IGN Video: Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer Movie - Shooting the Legend of Zelda
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    I know it is a one April fool joke.

    but it almost look very good.

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    It is an april fool's joke....

    EDIT:Looks like you realize that...

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    The trailer was so silly it HAD to be a joke. Never seen costume design that bad in my life.

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    i was surprised when i heard about this

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    Wow. For an April Fools trailer, that was pretty good.

    Minus the fact that Link looks like my scrotum.
    Minus the fact that Zelda's ugly.
    Minus the fact that Impa looks like a Russian Amazon (no offense to Amazons =D).
    Minus the fact that Ganondorf looks like an ugly Rigaldo in Awakened form.
    Minus the fact that Ganondorm sounds like crap.
    Minus the fact that Link's ugly as hell.

    Wish it had Ganondorf going "Ah hahahahaaaa, HUA HAHAHAHA!!!".
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