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    ^Actually shooting Peter in the head probably would have killed him. He copied regeneration not god mode.


    In ep 20, it seem to me like everyone knew how to use their power(s) very well, very close to mastery. Even Peter, who was the worst at controlling his powers, utilized most of the abilities we've seen him copy. I don't mind seeing the heroes actually train to further develop their powers since it's much more realistic. If the current Peter and Hiro got too powerful without a worthy antagonist, the story could just become inconsistent.
    etufo: HS is most likely going to die sooner or later. Who will kill the cool character killer?

    Popo: well, obviously going by that logic, HS will have to kill himself...

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    I still think that's debatable. I'm on the side as well that says "if you can die with your heart beat GONE from a glass shard and then reappear alive later, you very well could've survived a bullet to the head!"

    Yea, there's a lot of idiotic moves throughout the show that makes you want to pause the tv, jump into the tv, and scream at the people and go "NOOOOOOOOOO you're doing it ALL WRONG!!!"

    But heck, if the writers can make you that emotional about it, that means you're engulfed into this fantasy world as well. propz to the writers then.

    The show starts out really cliche. though, I do enjoy how they foreshadow SOOOOOOOOOO many things throughout the series. It's one of those shows you can rewatch again and then find clues about episodes that are 20 episodes later. (yea, there's a BUNCH of clues in the first episode that you understand by around the 18ish episode). I like how everything is connected. Brilliantly planned in my opinion.

    I also enjoy the online novels as well. You get a much fuller picture of everything.

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    What I hate about the show is that it just runs in circles! It never gets anywhere. When we at last got to the epic ending scene it proves to be a pathetic non-interesting way of stopping the big bad boom. God, reading marvel is a thousand times more stimulating than this (if you don't count frustration).

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    Episode 20 is 5 years gone right? where peter seems to be insanely badass.. my favourite episode.. since he's in complete control of his powers.. :P
    i've felt like jumping in and screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" the latest 10 episodes or something :P


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