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    Default what is a good movie?

    I personally think that a good movie has nothin to do with effects, action of huge sets..A good movie is deep, something that makes you think, and makes you wonder what if..I've seen movies just filled with action, and I thought...was that it? and some people just loved even though the actors was terrible, the script was garbage..the only good thing was the Huge effects, but that just don't cut it with me..Some people just look at the effects and think its the best movie ever, and when they see Scarface they think its boring because there is not enought action and too much talk..

    So..Iam just wondering what movie you think is the best, and why? and what defines a good movie? effects? script? the amount of action? Actors? What elements is important to a movie?

    Some of the best movies I have seen are:

    Pans Labyrinth
    Donnie Darko
    Fight Club
    Die Hard
    Pulp Fiction
    American History X
    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    The Shawshank Redemption
    The Seven Samurai
    Saving Private Ryan
    The Usual Suspects

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    Damn fine list of films. I'm quite fond of all of them.

    My favorite film is Apocalypse Now. I think it's phenomenal on every level. The performances are superb, the direction is excellent, the script is astounding, etc. It's just a deep film. It really leaves you thinking for days.

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    Just like the academy, neglecting the comedy. A good movie always revolves aroung a couple things. The storyline is the biggest reason for a good story, but the best movies are the ones that make the emotional connection with the viewer. For some people its just special effects, but those people are idiots. Its about the connection.

    Thats why the horror genre is popular, people want to be scared, they want to connect to the film.

    The storyline can be great but the movie can be horrible. Camera angles, dialogue, actors, all these features have to connect. That makes a great movie. I dont think the movie has to be deep, it just has to relate. I like your list, but its not very diversified.

    Some good movies: The 40 year old Virgin, Gone w/ the Wind, The matrix, The lion king.

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    What makes a great movie? I think its a persons ability to identify with the film and its ideals on a personal level. How a person views certain things like love, action, drama, horror... all shapes how they view a film and whether it is one that they can identify so well with that it earns the title of great.

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    A good movie just needs origianality and good chemistry with actors. If lots of effort is put into it, then it could be considered good by anybody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raszagal View Post
    I personally think that a good movie has nothin to do with effects, action of huge sets..A good movie is deep, something that makes you think, and makes you wonder what if..
    I don't know. The Big Lebowski was pretty good and that didn't make me think pretty much...

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    I'm quite fond of movies with deep stories and which were made to make the audience think about the film, while watching and after it.

    Here are some :

    -Requiem for a Dream
    -Fear and Loathing in Las vegas
    -Before Night falls
    -Clockwork Orange
    -2001 : a space odyssey ( Kubrick is a genius )
    -Full Metal Jacket
    -The Motorcycle Diaries
    -Amores Perros
    -21 Grams
    -Resevoir Dogs
    -Lock, stock and two smoking barrels
    -The Animatrix ( imho better then the matrix itself )

    i could go on forever...

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    Turkish Star Wars, of course. No better movie.

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    ~ The Matrix
    ~ Lord of the Rings
    ~ The Animatrix
    ~ Saving Private Ryan
    ~ The Lion King
    ~ Alladin ("take your clothes off")
    ~ Fight Club
    ~ V for Vendetta

    They were all "just damn good." There weren't really any flaws with them, and the stuff thrown in to the stories is WTF? worthy. Especialy Fight Club.

    I never saw Godfather... and my dad won't let me watch Scarface (even tho I'm 17). Yippee...

    Best movie ever, though?


    It destroys all other movies. Bourne series, Pirates, Finding Nemo... Serenity goes incredible hulk on those and more. It makes you think (kind of), laugh, sad, laugh, and amazed at how much damage a scrawny teen girl can do in a bar.
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    if you got million dollars budget for a movie & hot actresses...
    I prefer perfect sounds a bit than picture effect on a movie...


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