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    Edit: melody of Oblivion seems to be a Shonen.

    Tried "Koukou Debut".
    Horrible compared to any other Shoujo I've read so far.
    The plot sucks, the characters sucks, the art's horrid.
    But hey, all of us got different tastes, aye?

    A Spoiler, kinda:

    It goes like this: A well trained, muscular girl dreams of finding a guy who'll love her. Or at least like her. Actually she'll be satisfied if anyone'll even speak to her! She's completely clueless of how to attract man to her. She wears horrible (funny?) clothes. Reads all types of girl magazines. Can't help herself but to read Shoujo all days and dream about having as "awsome" romance as in the manga. One may say: hopeless. But is she really? A friend of hers tells her to find a "coach", who'll teach her how to look good, how to speak and act in front guys. She finds one - an extremely handsome guy named Yoh (where the hell did I hear that name from? Edit: SARCASM). And this is the point where the story beings.

    And: Can anyone recommend something for the newly added list?
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    Yoh as in Asakura Yoh perhaps?

    "Koudelka" has cute artwork, and the storyline/action is pretty good so far. I would recommend it. It's about a girl who seems to have a bit of supernatural power (slight hyposis, seeing ghost), and about some big medical cover-up. The girl escapes from the hospital, rescued by a boy, and the adventure begins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital_Eon
    Love Celeb is good if you can handle sex scenes.

    Kurohime has occasional shots of giant breasts.

    Using those two as an example, I think I know what some of those other manga will include, and am endeavoring not to read them.

    Except for the ones which I hear are good, like Mieru Hito.

    None, by the way, are from Shounen Jump or Shoujo Beat.
    Love Celeb is okay, but the art style kind of turns me off to it...but its decent.

    Kurohime is relatively entertaining. A lively manga with a magical history...think old west meets magic. Anyways its relatively entertaining and has levels of coolness.

    Here are the rest that weren't mentioned earlier (take note that I have only read only 1 chapter of most of these manga, only some I have delved further into and read more of):
    Kokoro Library: Short, irritating, no real sense of introduction nor anything interesting whatsoever, but well-drawn and in full color. About a girl who works at a library with the same name as her, she has two fellow employees, and she takes things in works of fiction too literally. Boooooring.

    Koudelka: is pretty good from the 1st chapter, its drawn me in so far. I really like the art style even though the storyline is kind of soap opera-ey, but I think it could open up into some kind of unbelievable far all I can say is that it is enveloping. About an escaped "mental patient" and an orphan who lives on his own. The mental patient is being hunted by her captors.

    KouKou Debut: It seems alright, standard storyline about a girl wanting to know how to be attractive because she's spent all of her life playing softball and she wants to know what its like to fall in she gets a "coach", a shrewd guy who is always a little too honest with his critiques. If you can get past the art style then this one might be for you...might.

    Kung Fu Tao: Just a funny martial arts manga with somewhat of a Kenshin-like character.

    Kunio: I honestly don't remember what this one was all about (I read all most of the manga last night), and if I don't remember what it was about and it is already deleted off of my computer, it is most certainly crappy.

    Kurosagi: here we start getting into the meat of the manga. Kurosagi is about a swindler who swindles swindlers (say that five times fast), it is very interesting and has that "lone badass who helps people" element except the lone badass is a con artist. Kind of a Robin Hood type of thing, except with businesses.

    Kurozakuro: very cool, about some kind of demon that allows the main character to have one wish. The main character is actually a pacifist, and he is beaten up regularly at school, but his one friend (a girl) always gets mad at him for being a "coward". He wishes for strength so he will never be made a fool out of again. The next day he does gain extrodinary strength, but he can't seem to control himself...

    Lovesick: Psuedo-insestuous comic about a girl who falls in love with her extremely young step-father after her mother passes away. No sex as far as I can see but its still pretty creepy.

    Love Catalog: Eh, it isn't on my computer anymore...

    Love Collage: Extremely amusing story with the standard "harem" storyline (one guy and a bunch of girls) strongly resembling Love Hina, but the twist is that he is a man with extremely particular tastes. He has a fetish (which by what I've read the term isn't too appropriate, its more of an obsession) with certain features of women. He states at the beginning of the manga that he wants a woman with four specific features and that he's going to study in Tokyo to find a woman with all four...but strangely enough he finds four women each with one of those features!

    Love Junkies: Its hentai. Clearly and honestly, hentai. The storyline is meh, but it has enough scenes in it so that it is most obviously hentai.

    Madara: Currently off my computer, so you know what that means.

    Maho No Te Ni Notte: Manga about a legendary hair stylist who doesn't play nice and a cosmetology student who idolizes him and finds his shop so that she can get a job there. I deleted it because it was "meh", but by all means if you are into that kind of thing...

    Mai-Otome: Didn't download it because I've already seen the anime and have been dissapointed enough...

    Maison De Beauties: I honestly downloaded this one, took one look at it then deleted it and went to sleep. I was not in the mood for another crappy love story manga with irritating art.

    Majin Tantei Nou Gami Neuro: Long name, interesting manga, but the translation leads it to be a little jumbled and unclear. About a demon who feeds on "riddles" (I would assume that the connection from riddles to mysteries would be clear, but maybe its a completely literal translation, and if so the manga writer doesn't make sense here) and a girl who just lost her father. The only real downfall this series has is its strange wording...

    Maka-Maka: Hentai manga about one bisexual lady and a lesbian. The manga is entirely about their conversations and scenarios involving the two of them that all eventually lead to some risque sexual adventure. Nothing magical, nothing mystical, just two females talking about stuff and then doin' it in the end. Although I'm not usually a fan of hentai, I found the conversations were pretty cool and surprisingly honest...anyone who has ever been in a relationship and can handle hentai might want to read this, because its interesting the parallels you can draw to your very own relationships...

    Maria Sama Ga Miteru: It has been deleted, thats really all that I remember of it =D

    Matantei Loki Ragnarok: A seemingly standard detective comic that takes the weirdest u-turn from realism to spirituality that I have ever seen. Apparantly a kid named Loki has a detective agency and the female lead character gets involved in it. It turns out that Loki literally is Loki, god of mischief. So he goes out absorbing the evil spirits that inhabit those who are the perpetrators of crimes in order to earn his way back into the good graces of the other gods...weird, huh? I deleted it because detective comics aren't my thing most of the time.

    Meine Liebe: About a girl who is seperated from her half-brother after her parents die. She applies at a school looking to find her brother because he said he'd go there one day. Honestly it wasn't that interesting.

    Meisou Kuiki: Very good so far. The manga is about a girl who loses track of a childhood friend that she had met in an orphanage and goes to a school founded by the orphanage in order to find him (honestly how many of these "long lost brother/friend/whatever" manga where they end up going to school are they going to have?!). This one is actually well executed because it becomes very interesting the second you get to the end of the first chapter...

    Melody of Oblivion: haven't read it yet but I assume its some kind of action-oriented anime.

    Me and the Devil Blues: Very original and with excellent art. About a town of black people way back in the day (I'm not sure what year) when blues was getting its roots. Its about a man who is about to become a father and his desire to be the #1 blues man...theres only one problem: he sucks at guitar. He heard a legend about playing a song at a crossroads will cause the devil to come up, play on that guitar, and after that you will be able to play like a master. That is basically where the first chapter leaves off. Very interesting but has some violence/sex in it. I'm very anxious to see where this series will go.

    Mieru Hito: about a girl who is introduced into the world of ghosts at 6 years old, but she doesn't remember any of it until she is introduced to a man who can see ghosts 10 years later. A particularly amusing manga with some action in it, pretty standard fair but I'm going to keep watch on it because I think it might end up being worth the read.

    Mimi Wo Sumaseba: Shojo manga about a girl who loves to read and the amazing coincidence that introduces her to the man who has read all the same books that she has (she noticed on every single library history card she's had that his name has been on it). Somewhat whimsical but you don't get much from the first chapter. I'll look into it some more and see if its worth it.

    Minami-Ke: Manga about 3 sisters and the drama that ensues with their lives. Pretty boring to me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 98abaile
    I'm torrenting kite ATM, but its slow (about 3kbps)
    I can only find the torrent for the second episode of mezzo forte.
    Know where I can get them quicker?
    have you tried emule? or limewire? it is like kazaa, I used to d/l them from kazaa.
    Make sure you get the JPN version, or you ain't see shit.
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    @Iron: Eh, its very good so far, not as much compared to eyeshield 21. But I'm only on the 4th volume anyway^^'

    @Shirou: Mr. FullSwing sounds more appealing than Slam Dunk~ Thanks ^^

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    NiknudStunod is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    I didn't think Mr. Fullswing was getting scanned. The guy who did Vagabond did Slam Dunkand its the same quality in art and story. Hajime no ippo is a great story about boxing. If you like romance mixed with sports then there are others like katsu. Though I tend to stay away from those since they tend to focus more on the romance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sumichano
    @Iron: Eh, its very good so far, not as much compared to eyeshield 21. But I'm only on the 4th volume anyway^^'

    @Shirou: Mr. FullSwing sounds more appealing than Slam Dunk~ Thanks ^^
    did you see the anime by any chance? If you did, how does it compare to the manga? The anime was pretty detailed and it was great, i just wanna know if the manga went further than the anime.

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    I am scanning fullswing! I released chapter 18, look for 19 very very soon
    go to the site in the link and sign up for the forums, i have direct download links or you could go to the irc channel (#ko-scans@ and get it or you could just go to lurk
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    would pokemon~ing~ be conseidered a sport?

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    On the subject of sport mangas, I think that Prince of Tennis is an amazing manga if you're in that type of thing.

    I play tennis casually, but they really explain all the 'moves' you can do, with a lot of skills, and it's a little bit dramatic, but then again, what manga isn't dramatic?

    If you like sports mangas, I'd recommend it--it's really good, there's very little romance, all the characters are like-able, and they really emphasize tennis making it seem like the most important thing in the manga. I mean, there's a lot of drama between the main character and his father because of tennis...and pretty much their whole lives revolve around tennis. Not a bad manga at all, and the artwork, especially the complex moves that the players make, is really good.




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