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    Default Over Fence (Adachi's latest baseball series)

    This one feels like it has the Adachi magic.

    Lemme see... if I were to compare it with previous Adachi works, this feels like the baseball version of Rough. Strong cast of supporting characters introduced quickly, each with their own quirks. Family legacy is a recurring theme, with children inheriting the burdens of their parents. A playful dynamic between the male and female lead that sorta feels like Minami (Touch) is being paired up with Hiro (H2). And told from the girl's perspective this time.

    Anyway, read it for yourself and see: Over Fence

    If only it wasn't irregularly serialised! I mean, I'm happy for Adachi that he finally won the battle against his editors hounding him for deadlines... and the man's pushing sixty, so he deserves a slower pace, but... this kind of story really needs to be told in a weekly format to do well.

    Anyway, what are your reactions to the first chapter? I loved the threats based on their father's occupations, and the captain-manager dynamic seemed pretty good (for once, no childhood friends!). The whole contradictory thing seems like a pretty interesting quirk too. And I'm really hoping for a good ensemble story like Rough or Niji-Iro-Togarashi. The two twists at the end (tragic and romantic) leave me pretty optimistic.
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    Well, although I see "more" similarity with most of Adachi's Baseball manga, but this is the first time, I think, that the main male character is in the seat of power -- usually, even if the male character is very talented (naturally or through hard work), he doesn't stand out in the beginning and grow up from there. Anyway, I'm just glad to read another Adachi's work and hope to read the next chapter.

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    Like kazenohirameki, I did like that the male hero (whose name I can't come close to remembering) is already on the team, and a power on it. But I was otherwise unimpressed. I mean, compare the first chapter of Cross Game, and how much story as opposed to setup is it has, or even the first chapter of Katsu!. I'll read what comes out because, well, Adachi has the skillz. But not with as much enthusiasm as before reading the first chapter.
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