i just start reading it, so i can't give any review on it (especially since it's just 4 chapter)..
heres a review from Animexis
Paradise Residence is about the battles in the first dormitory of the Kikka Institute, where the mama of the dorm is a grade school girl. The main character is Hatsune Takanashi, a student at the Kikka Academy girls' dormitory. She's active and straightforward, she has trouble waking up, she hates natto, and one of her main three urges is the lust for conquest!

but since this is from Fujishima Kosuke i bet it's good...
BTW if u wonder who Fujishima Kosuke is. he is the creator of sakura wars, your under arrest and ah my goddess... all of which have greatness of it's own

PS (only for kosuke fans): doesn't the characters look familiar to you ^_^