well celebrating that [blank] has back scanlating the series (yay... finally) i will post this here:
title: kandachime (my sig)
the description (from mangaupdates):
Takuma Zushi just wanted to be left alone. He sleeps in class and skips club. While going home, he sees a girl walking into the woods and decides to follow her. There he witnesses a fight between two sword masters with the prize being the ownership of the "Kandachime", a sword that can take human form. That girl, Otowa Hagane was about to lose when he naively steps into the fight...

the description (from me)
about a living katana that cut a boy's hand once and now, after a long wait (she's been waiting for the boy to grow up), she has become his katana... it an ecchi manga in many ways..
for example: what would u do when a babes like this (pic under or my sig) say to you "if u want a sword, then unsheated me" which could also mean "if u want a sword, then undressed me"

a note from me: the chapter 2 title say 'i am mumiyo' which i think mean 'i am a nameless sword' and also 'i am mumiyo' (as in her new name mumiyo)