A thread for fans of Mi-Ri Hwang, author of such manhwa as Hot Blooded Woman and Imitation Love.

To start things off, here's a title I recently came across that's very different from her contemporary gang-driven shoujo romances: Legend of Nereid. It's nominally a fantasy set in ancient Greece, but the supposed setting provides little more than the Greek gods, some costuming, and a few names -- geography, politics, history, and architecture are all invented wholecloth out of standard generic fantasy conventions. That said, taken as a generic swords-and-sandals fantasy, it's pretty good, with a young warrior woman (Hwang's usual kick-ass heroine only in a non-high-school setting) on the run for her life, often disguised as a boy, who fulfills an oracle by her accidental adventures and mere presence (which messes up the politics) more than anything.

Scans complete at 15 volumes, which means you can archive binge to your heart's content yay.

And then there's all her other good series ...