This story is about Kyouko Mogami, a 16-year old girl, who devoted her life to her childhood friend and lover Shoutaro Fuwa who is a famous song artist. Everyday she work hard for him and even dropped school just to provide Shou's needs in Tokyo. When Kyouko accidentally heard that Shou was just treating her like a slave, she contrived to seek revenge by becoming more famous than him. Since she's only an ordinary girl, she spend her money to change her appearance to be able to enter in the world of showbiz. Now, her new life begins in the famous showbiz company, LME where the number one male celebrity, Ren Tsuruga, is working. Ren found out the reason why Kyouko wanted to be in the showbiz industry, which made him annoyed and acted viciously only in front her but Kyouko still continues to work hard in order to reach her goal. As her career life continues in LME, she meets new people that she could depend on namely Kanae Kotonami, Maria Takarada and Yukihito Yashiro (Ren's manager).

Latest Manga Chapter: ch135 (02/06/09)

Anime Episodes:
Episode 1 - And the box was opened
Episode 2 - The feast of horror
Episode 3 - The emotion she lacks
Episode 4 - The labyrinth of reunion
Episode 5 - Danger zone
Episode 6 - Invitation to the Ball
Episode 7 - Princess revolution
Episode 8- Sink or swim together
Episode 9 - The Miraculous Language of Angels
Episode 10 - The Blue on her Palm
Episode 11 - The True Face of the Storm
Episode 12 - Her Open Wound
Episode 13 - The Battle Girls
Episode 14 - The Secret Stamp Book
Episode 15 - Together in the Minefield
Episode 16 - Dislike vs. Dislike
Episode 17 - Date of Fate
Episode 18 - Sin Like an Angel (02/09/09)