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    Default Akikan - Discussion?

    I once read a summary about an animu about someone that can transform trash into trees.

    well this is much more stupid...

    Akikan is a story of a high school boy Kakeru Daichi, whose can of melon juice soda magically transforms into a human girl. More "akikan" girls begin appearing, each of them needing to be infused with carbon dioxide from kissing to survive.

    normally i wouldnt open a thread for a series i would never recommend and stopped watching before the 10th minute has passed.

    But maybe any of you guys see something worth mentioning in akikan.
    well its very good to keep people at a distance. just show it to them.

    have fun ~fb

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    Oh, I know that title...

    But there are by far dumber stories out there...

    Quote Originally Posted by Iinari! Aibration
    Enter Shizukuishi, a pants-wetting girl that literally fell into the lap of a boy named Kouki Murakami while he was visiting a robot maid exposition with his love interest and apparently his sister as well, Kaoruko. Things start rolling the wrong direction after Kouki ends up licking Shizukuishi's urine (don't ask)! A thread of light appears from a mark on Kouki's right hand and connects to Shizukuishi. Kouki is seemingly able to control Shizukuishi's actions through the thread. But wait, Shizukuishi has a seal for an ancient destructive giant within her womb that causes her to become "strange" at times. In addition, nobody can have sex with Shizukuishi, or else the seal on the giant within her will be broken.

    Quote Originally Posted by Let's Bible
    Jesus is a hot girl.
    His first disciple is an attempted rapist.
    And the devil's a mexican.
    Let's Bible!

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    Thanks for making my day guys.

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    Akikan! actually isn't that bad...I managed to get through the 20 minute episode with a minimal amount of cringing and even found myself smiling once.

    It's basically your typical shonen romcom with ecchi and a tsundere girl...except the girl is a can. Points for innovation I guess.

    I'm actually gonna stick with this for a couple more episodes because, well, we haven't quite seen anything like this for awhile.

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    episode 2 will be the final episode I watch of this series.

    thanks for the lols morten

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    lol, this is starting to turn into a horror anime than one with a bunch of sex jokes.

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    Hmm... Akikan isn't that bad. I've found it quite fun actually. Also, I've collected some information about the light novels, and it does have a nice plot.

    Anyway, the anime skipped a certain event that took place in the first volume of the light novels, and something about that even became the focal point of volume 7 (which is the last volume that has been released, so far). I wonder what will they do about it.




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