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Okay, there's only one chapter out, and since it's from Storm In Heaven there's a decent chance successive ones will be slow, but based on that first chapter I'm digging this series enough to eagerly anticipate more. It's a shoujo mystery with hints of supernatural that give it a seinen vibe* and an art style that's more josei than shoujo standard. More impressive to me is how the pacing is spot-on for building an effectively creepy air of mystery. And it is a truth no universally acknowledged that everything is better with a halucinatory sheep.

Besides, dude -- named after the coolest fish ever. That's worth at least the effort of reading a chapter.

* I'm not sure I can explain that clearly, but consider how the supernatural elements in seinen suspense stories are handled, compared to how they are in most shounen or shoujo. It's closer in spirit to Moyashimon than, say, anything by Chiyo Shinohara (sp?) (even as excellent as everything she's written is).