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    Default Street Fighter 2 from Udon comics

    Even though this is not a manga but a comic, I want to post thread about this comic. Ever since I was a little kid, Street Fighter has always been my favorite game but there were very few good Street Fighter animes, manga or comics available. One of the few that I enjoyed was the Street Fighter 2 comics from Udon because the stories are really close to the actual game storyline, it's exciting to read (especially from a fans viewpoint) and the best of all, the characters were drawn beautifully, Ken looks like Ken, Ryu looks like Ryu, pretty chicks like Chun Li and Cammy actually looked hot. This is a far stray from what I expected out of comic books these days that, other than the cover, seems to be drawn sloppily (if that's a word).

    Anyway, today I have just received my first copy of Street Fighter Remix#0 and I was surprised that they changed the artist. No longer was the mainstream comic drawn by Alvin Lee but instead was replaced by Chamba, who's drawing are much less appealing to me. Characters looked weird, especially with Ken, Ryu, and Chun Li who looked nothing like what I expected and Chun Li even looked ugly. So I am wondering if there are any other fans of Udon comics here and what do you think of the newest comic, Street Fighter Remix #0? Do you like the art? Would you still buy it if the story's good but the art stinks?

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    This comic's story is meh at best. Sure I'm a die hard fan of the actual fighting games and it's sorta cool that there's a bit more back story but they've just been reiterating everything that's already been known for the most part. I hate hate hate hate hate the Street Fighter Zero and Legend series, the new one seem like a hit or miss. Alvin Lee is a beast, Omar is trash, I can't believe people like his artwork.

    I've bought all of 2's comic issues and tried to get as many alternates as I could get my hands on(since some are ridiculously priced especially the holographic covered ones) but I'm probably going to give up on the Remix like I did with Zero after the second issue or so. The new artists suck donkey nuts with the exception of That cover didn't do his work justice. Udon is trying to reach out to knew artists, and well just like many other comic companies they tend to switch up their artists every once in a while. 2 is by far the best, but that's not saying much really if you don't already know about Street Fighter and actually want to read it on a whim. I'm pretty much broke nowadays so I probably won't get into this series nor would I really miss out.

    BTW I'm fuckin pissed that the DarkStalkers series pretty much got axed. GOD DAMMIT! >_<
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