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    Default Zipang (Manga/Anime)-Alternate History Series

    I'm a fan of WW2 Alternate history, which basically means an altered timeline to what is in the history books.

    I also love stories of a technological superior hero coming to save the day, like the Axis of Time series or The Final Countdown, where a US Carrier is sent back in time to WW2, and given the opportunity to change history.

    So I naturally picked up on an alternate history series called Zipang!. I've been following the Anime, completed its 26 episode series, and about to start on the Manga which continues past it. Its about a Japanese destroyer called the Mirai which gets sent back to the battle of Midway, and its efforts to avoid altering history while struggling to exist outside its era.

    Reading the Allied favoring series Axis of Time, I find it interesting to pick up on a series where the protagonists have no home country to call home. In AOT, The allies won the war, so it was natural that the Multinational Task Force would side with 1942 America and Britain. But in 1942, there was only an imperialist Japanese empire. The system of government for Japan would not be the same for the 21st century crew of the Mirai. They are from a history where Japan lost and was rapidly rebuilt following WW2. So would the crew of the Mirai support the Americans, who at that point in time see any Japanese as the enemy, the ideals of the Japanese Self Defense Force from which they come, or the Japan of the era, which seeks to establish itself as the United States of the East.

    And what of the long term enemy, the Soviet Union? WW2 only lasted 5 years, while the cold war lasted for 40.

    Theres a translated single volume I'm about to start. Is anyone else familiar with Zipang, and who do I need to talk to so it gets translated?

    I need to do more research, but I think Kodansha is released bilingual volume of the series.

    Heres a Wiki on the series:
    Zipang (anime) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I'm also willing to seed the torrent for it if anyone asks.
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    Weee, a fellow warbuff

    Also hooked on Zipang. Anime was great, to bad they didnt make more of it. When I last checked, the anime was on ice and a continuation was depending on the US! public response

    Saw that Zipang been up for discussion before on some scanlations forums but atm they are prioritizing other mangas so it will take a while before they get started.

    The english manga volumes are only published to the same chapter as the anime ends. The other 15+ (I think) volumes are currently only released in french or japanese. So if u can read french u can get each volume for 5 each on a french webpage that sells manga.

    I hope the manga gets reprioritized by a scanlation group.
    My best bet for this manga to be scanlated is if a new group picks it up.




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