I Represent Fighting Dreamers Scanlations. We were on the verge of putting out our first release and were fine tuining the translation when we lost contact with the translator. While we have since found a translator for one of our projects, and should hopefully have a release out soon The other project still needs a J to E translator. That project is Shadow Skill Invincibility Fire Ball here is a quote about it from wikipedia
Shadow Skill (シャドウスキル-影技-), is a manga series with anime adaptations, created by Studio Deen and aired on Japanese Television in 1998, and has been released in the United States by ADV Films in 2005. The series is based on the manga by Megumu Okada. A shonen series, it features a lot of combat, especially martial arts.

The main protagonists of Shadow Skill are Elle Ragu, the 59th Sevalle in the kingdom of Kuruda, and Gau Ban, an orphaned boy that Elle takes up as her adopted brother. He is currently a Valle and is improving his training. Gau is so impressed by Elle's fighting skill, and the stories of Kuruda's greatest fighter Scarface, that he is studying Elle's fighting skills so that one day he would become the greatest Sevalle in Kuruda. But before that, they must face demon beasts, spies, and Elle's debts from drinking, and collateral damage from fighting.

Also in Elle and Gau's life is Faury Maya (Folli Maya in the TV series), a Sui Rame talisman sorceress, and Kyou Ryu, a Septia beastcatcher and niece of Iba Stora, the king of Kuruda.
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