General Infos:

Personal Paradise

Melanie Schober

Seinen, Drama, Mature

In the not too distant future, cities are dominated by state-controlled youth gangs. Those who do not belong to one of these gangs are branded as social ousiders. The quiet and mysterious Julian is such an outsider, just as the pretty Anna. One day Julian saves Anna from a beating of one of these gangs, both find themselves in serious trouble.


I had some minutes to take a look at the manga in a store. So i've read about haft the manga. the artwork was very good and the story sounded interesting if only because the society seems to be pretty rotten and cruel in that future, so i just bought it on amazon. I'll post a full summary when i've finally read through it. But i sure can tell its worth reading.
If any of you already read it, please discuss it here.

PS: There are no infos about this manga on mangaupdates so dont waste your time (maybe i'll add some this week)