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    Question Help needed in looking for an anime

    Hey guys - Seeing as rookie asdreamsfade could post in here for help in looking for a manga, heck, why not do the same for an anime?

    I'd like to look for this old anime series that I used to watch on AXN many years ago, but I just can't remember the name and Googling every possible term I could think of just isn't cutting it and browsing through wikipedia's anime categories is trying to look for a miniscule grain of salt in a mound of sand (I sifted through the sci-fi anime, failed to find it, not bothered to sift through any other categories).

    Plot: somewhere in the future, the Earth shatters into 8 (or is it 10?) pieces due to a meteor crash, but all of humanity escaped before the disaster due to the prophetic vision of a princess. They supposedly stay in space for a million days and nights, and the descendant of the princess orders a procedure to reunite the shards to recreate Earth, but fails due to intervention from her hateful, jealous sister's ghost (wanted to become ruler of humankind, didn't get picked to sit on throne, grew jealous, tried to poison good sister and wound up poisoning herself by accident), and the explosion wipes out the restoration fleet (i think). The people then settle on the piecesof Earth, which become spherical, individual planets, while blaming the princess for the many lives lost, until now. Some people have been born with round gemstones that are supposed to fufill the prophecy of reuniting the planetoids, and a boy is set on a quest by the princess' last servant, a robot whose processors are implanted into the head of the princess' pet dog, to seek out the remaining gembearers and fufill her prophecy.

    Characters: Said redhead boy with sword and red gem in sword hilt (occasionally mistaken for a girl making him go on destructive rampages) and cyborg-dog, rebel-dude with green gem for a false eye and wields a chain-sickle, gambler with blue gem in his die, meek girl with brown gem, scientist with purple gem in gun masquerading as a man, retarded spoilt galactic blonde prince that wants gems for himself, female robot ninja servant of prince, old hag servant of prince, etc.

    The gems are supposed to, in times of need, glow with a word appearing on the surface, increasing the bearer's ability with his weapon (I distinctly remember the brown-haired girl's gem supposedly being the most powerful, uncontrollably eradicating her homecity when awakened).

    Seriously, I've run out of alternatives. Just the name of the show's fine enough.
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