This concludes Act 2.

I thought the fight against Hishiki was done well as it showcased Ginji & Ban's teamwork. This act also introduces the first of many mysteries in the series. Just who are this pair known as the GetBackers, and why are they friends? Especially since it seems when they first met they were enemies? Last, but not least, Paul has one of my favorite lines in the series,
"Natsumi-Chan, always rememver, money, status, cars, jewelery, lovers, anything worth having is worth someone else stealing. It's how it is, and it is how it'll always be. If someone takes something important from you, then be sure you take it back. But don't look for happiness in material goods, cause the thing that truly bonds us with one another, is the fact that we've all lost things we'll never recover. That's, what makes us human."