So I went back to the Kamichu! anime and this time watched the whole thing. Once you get past the thick moe moe -- and for me, that's a pretty big barrier; my response to repeated wibbling isn't "oh poor thing" but "oh grow up" -- it's a lovely show. Beautiful animation, otherwise engaging characters, and a gentle sense of daily life in the early 1980s. Some of the stories are a bit off -- most notably the Martian invasion, though the tag-team wrestling cats and obligatory beach episode (with Gainaxing) not exactly high points -- but others are just about pitch perfect. Even the one about spending the entire day under the kotatsu. It's also one of the few anime I've seen where the characters' ethnicity is recognizably Japanese and not Cartoon. Since it's deeply shinto, it is of course deeply weird, and I mean that as a compliment.

Besides, being a god isn't nearly as hard as trying to get your first crush to remember your name.

The dub, btw, is decent, so you can watch it either way. And you can read the complete manga here on ST (though the storyline is a little different).