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    its gotten repetitive because some genres are more popular then others or some characteristics of a manga are praised and mangakas will try to copy that into their own manga so it can get popular, the more popular something is the more "copies" of it you can find i would be surprised if next anime season theres an abandoned boy from a a ninja village who has insane spiritual power and wants to be a pirate or just more random harems...which i love except they always pick the tsundere for gods sake they should pick the slutty girl or the nerdy quiet girl >.> damn asuka setting the stage
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    Thanks Tet' its good to know someone else feels this way.I have to say that the animation of today looks way to clean for me,I miss that gritty look the anime of yesterday had.It kinda like how that BS,cg has replaced the fine art of animatronics and models.We need to bring back the age of experimentation and art.Also,it wouldn't hurt if the companies could clear some of their greed out.
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    Man that is one pathetic rant if I've ever heard one. For one thing, obviously when you are young, you tend to have a tolerance and even an enjoyment of bad shows (Take scooby doo for a example, kids love it but its its repetetive and miserable). Second, the U.S. would only get a few shows imported over and chosen for the U.S. Third, a bunch of those animes you mention are terrible. I mean project Ako? Are you kidding me thats like the most indulgent piece of shit ever. Including the several minutes of pointless fan service. But indeed I must agree Black Magic and Dominion Tank police are great.

    There are always a few good anime, but a lot more terrible ones. If anything there were more good ones back in the day, solely because it was harder to make them. Also they didn't have as much to do the hollywood copyitis of copying a few popular ideas like DBZ. (I mean Gatchaman is like a souped up power rangers clone anyway, better yes, but still a basic copy of the same idea).

    Plus theres some great anime coming out now and a lot of newer more sophisticated anime. I mean Monster is about 20 times better crafted a story then anything mentioned. Plus for just well crafted anime Code Geass or Claymore come to mind as good examples. How about Bokurano, where the kids die when they operate the robot. Even if these have some of the same ideas from prior works they still craft their own unique interesting stories.

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    if you want gritty oldschool art with great animation go watch Gurren Lagann.


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