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Thread: age question

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    Ignoring incidents of special powers and the like, because that happens in every other form of media... how IS time in manga weird, exactly? Sure, you have the manga where no time passes at all (which is - *gasp* - like lots of television shows!), and as for the ones where time DOES pass, why can't lots of things happen in a short period of time? Sometimes, it's shocking to see what changes in a week or a month, and that's for a boring life.

    As for the Berserk example, the life expectancy in that world is probably like 40. The kid grew up as a soldier, after all. Shit happens.

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    Anime and manga compresses time an distances and magnify the action to keep the story moving and interesting. If art attempted to mimic real life viewers and readers would get days of tedious boredom where little of consequence happens, punctuated by a brief periods of all hell breaking loose in battle, and followed by a recovery period where the dead are buried and those still living spend most of their time healing from injuries. That type of realism would consume far too many episodes and chapters, and people get annoyed enough when only some filler material is thrown in.

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    Well , you know getting a new phone, going to country side, meeting new ppl buying a computer, and having an accident, is a lot of things that can happen in one day...
    Still it is not the same as beating up hundreds of people, one or more super-insanely-skilled overpowered-evil-villain bosses, powering up, finding the true essence of life, rescuing your friends, girl and even some enemies. (restoring order in a hole country, through all these) and doing all of these things in less than a month or even a week.

    Off course willpower does play a very important role in such anime/manga but even then..
    for example (sry if i am greatly mistaken) in OP, Zoro has to deal with this legendary swordsman from the red line(i don't remember his name but he is the one with the huge cross shaped sword , the big hut and the little beard) and the enemy has literally chopped him to death but he still survives and while his, that should be lethal, are still not healed he can take on the octopus guy, who has 6 to 8 swords. So is it supposed by the manga that willpower can even keep you alive and fighting even when your muscles are not attached to your bones or at least cut in half?(although i really like OP)

    And it would be really boring to have to sea how the characters are waiting to heal or what ever, but you can show that time has passed and they are ready again to do whatever they have to.. you don't have to have them get back kicking, after a very small break, saying that they must have huge regeneration rate and that they should be dead, without making an effort to explain how did the end up like Wolverine from Xmen.

    Off course all stories are not the same but there are time that i really like the script and the only things "ruining" them in my eyes are what i mentioned in the previous posts (that excludes OP and school rumble cause the are insane but in a good way imo :P )
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    the legendary swordman you are speaking of is Mihawk, and he didn't mean to chop zoro to death ! He purposefully let Zoro live by giving a non lethal (yet deep) cut....
    And this was quite well made in OP as Zoro was weak because of this wound for a long time (it didn't heal instantly or in just a few days, even though Zoro was known to recover from his injuries just thanks to a little bit of sleep), including this fight against the octopus you mentioned which he would have won easily if he wasn't injured, but had a really hard time winning because of his wound

    So, it is sure that this manga is insane , but this part (and the whole story) doesn't suffer too much from this shortcoming ^^
    And when Oda makes a mistake (which is rare ), he always has a funny excuse to explain it xD


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