Hopefully I'm posting in right spot here, if not I apologize.

Anyways I was wondering if anyone has seen anything to do with the novels dealing with this anime series. I was trying to find tralsations to them, I know there are 2 novels based on the anime(could be more not sure), and a third called "Secret File" that I'm hoping fills in some of the blanks to the story (least that's what I've figure from translated japenese webpages).

The reason I'm searching for this is cause I just finished watching it on TV (g4techtv). I wanted to find some answers to things, and I found on a japenese site that there were novels. I thought the novels would clearer then the anime on certain parts of the story.

I know alot of people had mixed feelings on this anime, but I really enjoyed it. Any help on this would be great.