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    Default Good ending vs. Bad ending

    I'm sure all of you are like me. You go through hours upon hours of watching or reading and anime which you think is awesome, then here comes the last two or three episodes.
    Though this is a small segment of time for a finale (an hour and a half at the most), you are certain that it will be amazing, after all the rest of the anime was great! Instead, you are left with a sloppy written together script where no conclusion is made, no resolutions of the plot, hell your not even sure if the herione and the hero are gonna end up banging each other or just another love song gone wrong. No more I say! I'm tired of the animes like Inuyasha, Fruit Basket, Beserk (manga is a 100x better), Chobits, Love Hina (same as beserk), Maburaho, Yu Yu Hakusho and basically all the other C grade anime on the planet! Seriously, If your going to make at least 14-26 episodes of an anime, devote most of it to making a coherent plot! In either case, the idea of this thread is for all you guys to shout out the good and the bad endings, don't ruin it for us granted, but let us know whats WORTH watching while other animes are just junkfood.
    I've seen dozens of anime titles to completion, and though it's only a handfull, the following shows had good beginings, middles, AND ends.
    Cowboy Beebob, Trigun, FLCL, Gundam Wing, Fullmetal Alchemist, Outlaw Star, Love Hina (manga), Basilisk, Ouran High School Host Club, the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumi, Elfen Lied, Samurai Champloo, Gunslinger girl, Gantz, and thats all I can't think of off the top of my head.
    Please help fellow anime goers so they won't be falsely lured into anime like Inuyash (seriously! What the crap? 167 episodes and THATS how you end it? Burn in hell Rumiko Takahashi! Everything you touch turns into a crappy 9 season marathon of pure filth!)
    Give us the bad, the good, and the ugly... to prevent tragedies of "the anime that lasted to long"

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    The reason I hate threads like these is because they're full of people who think the anime followed the ENTIRE manga.

    Inuyasha, Berserk, and Fruits Basket - incidentally, all MANGA that I love - also have anime that ended HALFWAY THROUGH THE SERIES. The endings were probably fine because they weren't endings - they ended the anime without, from what I hear/know, changing the series. Since they're all long manga (23, 32+, 50+ volumes), it makes sense.

    So please. Don't say a good anime is one that changes the manga plot. That shows you're just a fucking idiot, and I've said that before.

    Oh, and we have this thread. Please use it.

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    in the OP's defense, some people simply don't like to read manga, and prefer the anime medium. manga > anime, imo, but not everyone has that idea.

    but yah, i agree there's enough "bad end" threads, can someone lock ?




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