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Thread: Comedy Thread

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    Arrow Comedy Thread

    i need some good funny mangas or manhwas to laugh at. I'm not too picky as if its shoujo, shonen, or if its light or dark humor. I need some funny stuff that I can just laugh to. And I'll list the comedy mangas that I've already read for people that might be interested as well.
    My Ratings: **= Best +*=very good -*=good *= ok +=intresting to a point, but not good enough - =meh, bad i suppose

    GTO **
    D.Gray Man **
    Naruto **
    Angel Densetsu **
    Level E **
    Golden Boy **
    Full Metal Alchemist **
    D-ash **
    My Name is Zushio **
    Eden **(lol theres humor in this, just gotta get past the deaths)
    One Piece ** (Funny at times)
    King of Hell **
    Skip Beat! **
    Ares! **
    Hot Blooded Woman **
    Fairty Tails +*
    Yakitate!! Japan +*
    b-Shock +*
    Blue Dragon +*
    Love Hina +*
    Shounan Junai Gumi +*
    XXXHolic +*
    Arcana(by Yua Kotegawa, more than one story with same title) +*
    B Reaction -*
    Tende Freeze -*
    Bad Company -*
    My Balls -*
    Gacha Gacha *
    Family Campo +
    Akane Chan Overdrive +
    Love Celeb -

    Funny Anime that i watched and don't want to read the manga.
    School Rumble
    Ouran High school
    Mahou Shoujo
    Tenchi Muyo
    Muteki Kanban Musume(Raman Fighter Girl)
    Eyeshield 21
    Shaman King
    Welcome To NHK
    Full Metal Panic

    Really now it only gets harder to find good funny manga to read. sigh* so if anyone got recommendations on the funny stuff, don't be shy.
    Ahh cruel cruel reality is tough, but the mangas I've read from you guys lately really cheered me up. Thanks alot
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    I'd recommend you try School Rumble and Ouran anyway - SR because I'm the mod of the forum (tee hee) and Ouran because the anime isn't nearly as good as the manga. It's genuinely funny and the anime didn't represent that at ALL.

    Aside from that... Takahashi Rumiko's earlier works: Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, and Ranma 1/2. They are all VERY funny manga; I have read little that compares to these in terms of humour, despite the fact that they date from the late 1970s to 1980s. (And two are 30+ volumes. It's okay - there isn't much of a plot, so...)

    Yakitate!! Japan is also a very good comedy~ It's a bit crazy, but it can pull off almost anything.

    Erementar Gerad has its funny moments.

    Hayate the Combat Butler = good. ^_^ Lots and lots of comedy.

    Kekkaishi is a typical shounen, but it's still decently funny - more funny than some of the ones you've read, anyway.

    Karin is semi-funny, but I haven't heard anyone criticize it yet - even some very picky people.

    Momoiro Sabbath! It's a bit... ecchi, but still very funny (and vaguely similar to Urusei Yatsura - note the vaguely).

    Seto no Hanayome - I think it's by the same manga-ka as My Name is Zushio. Funny~

    I've heard good things about Full Metal Panic (especially the anime).

    Boku no Marie, Midori no Hibi, and To Love-Ru aren't bad - not special, but good.

    And... maybe Mahou Sensei Negima - just don't watch the anime.

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    Yotsubato! is quite an enjoyable read

    b-shock - is also a good funny romantic comedy manga

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    Nothing much to add here... you might also want to try Perfect Girl Evolution, Good Morning Call as well as Hot Blooded Woman and Goong, all of them shoujo series (the last two are manhwa).

    As for Full Metal Panic anime, the second season (Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu) is the one you want to watch for comedy.

    Manga Genre Focus: Romance, Comedy, Slice-of-life. Primarily shounen, then seinen and shoujo.
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    Don't forget My Balls. No not my balls, you perv. I meant the manga.

    It's about a guy who gets the Queen of All That's Evil or Something accidentally sealed in his family jewels by a priest. If released, the QoATEoS will destroy the world. But anywho, she sends her little minion, who happens to be a hawt little demon with a tail, to make the guy ejaculate so the QoATEoS can escape. Therefore, the guy can't fap, have sex, or think naughty thoughts for a month. Only downside is's released in a monthly magazine. So chapters come out very very very slowly.

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    Seems like I always recommend this... Welcome to the NHK Is by far the funniest manga in the world, closely followed by Genshiken and Hareluya II Boy.

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    Only others I can think of is Rosario+Vampire,Ai Yori Aoshi, and Lilim Kiss.

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    Chokotto Sister -- always makes me laugh.

    As do Koukou Debut and Lovely Complex.

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    I have to second Welcome to the NHK, also Mr. Fullswing is hilarious.


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