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    Default Recruitment Thread (General)

    (Other members are also welcome to use this thread to recruit!)


    NiTe Fansubbing is a group looking for people to fill several positions specific positions, as well as general staff. The more the merrier!

    Specifically, we're looking for Japanese to English translators for an anime project of ours, called Souten no Ken. Any level of experience is welcome, even beginners can try. Translations are not expected to be in perfect English, we have editors and quality checkers who will take care of that and are simply looking for someone to translate the raw episodes for us.

    If you are at all interested, visit our forums at and make a thread in the Testing Area. Tell us all about your experience with fansubbing or your area of interest and roughly how much time you have to commit to this (don't worry if you don't have a lot), and we'll be very happy to get back to you.

    We have already released the first episode of Souten no Ken, which can also be found at our forums if you'd like a sample of our work and the show. More information about the show can be found on Wikipedia, here:

    If anyone is interested in joining in a position other than a translator, please feel free to post telling us what you'd like to do. We are also looking for timers and typesetters, and not just for this project. We're always happy to get back to everyone who applies. Right now suggestions for future projects are also welcome, so if you know of a show that is not already being done that you would like to work on or just see, let us know about it!

    Thank you,
    NiTe Fansubbing

    P.S. You can also click the banner in my signature to reach the site. ^___^

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    What she said but to clarify, feel free to recruit, leave places to be contacted, etc in this thread.

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    Lemon Inc.

    Need Editors, Proof Readers, and Quality Checkers

    The most in need is editors, but if you are a quality checker or proof reader, that's cool too.

    our site is here:

    here are some of the projects we are doing and will be releasing our first chapter with in the month

    Feng Yun

    Legend of the Twin Dragons

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    No fucking way, somebody is actually going to scanlate Stormriders. I'm in.

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    Default Japanese Translators

    Japanese Translator

    We are currently looking for some Japanese Translators.

    we have many great projects that need Translators.

    You can contact me Via email


    PM me


    post here


    go to and pm me or post in the recruitsection
    ( will get a real site in a 1 month )

    Here are some examples

    ( We have no test, I'll type the name in japanese so if you can read the name, you pass. )





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    Well, we are looking for more editors to work on Sakura Diaries. Interested parties may want to visit our site at EMS manga or PM me. Experience isn't exactly necessary since it can be easily taught. What we need are people who have dedication to finish the project.

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    Copied post from some other recruitment forum.


    I recently came back from a 2 month absence due to losing my internet connection. In the time I was absent, my group kinda destructed. Next-to-nothing was released, a lot of my staff has left or retired from the scanlations community altogether, and the group is kinda in shambles. So, that being said, I'd like to make the group strong again. To do that, I need to find new, reliable staff members.

    We're recruiting in every position.

    Here are what we need in terms of staff:


    I don't want to start any new series, so we'd need translators for our current series. I'm looking desperately for someone who is willing to do many of the Full Metal Panic series (FMP; Ikanari; Sigma). So, Jp -> Eng, Chn -> Eng, or Fr -> Eng translators are welcomed.


    All series.


    Blood+ v3 & Blood+ A v1
    Elfen Lied (Experience needed)*
    Fruits Basket v22 & v23
    Shonan Jun'ai Gumi
    Space Adventure Cobra

    *If you're interested, email the project leader Anath, @ anath19 [at gmail [dot com.


    Need some for virtually all of our series.

    Quality Check

    Quality Check, well, I give you a chapter I finish, you QC it. Simple, right?~ So, you'd work on all series.


    We could use another xdcc bot on IRC and 1-2 HTTP download mirrors.


    If you want to apply, I want you to:

    -Be reliable.
    -Be hard working.
    -Have a sense of humor.
    -Be able to take criticism.
    -Have fun.

    If interested, email me at illuminatimanga [at gmail [dot com with this format:

    name: GGpX
    position: Editor, Typesetter
    projectinterest: Blood+
    reason: I think u guyz rox n stuff (A little more serious than that, please)
    previous scanlation experience: 1 & a half year of typesetting in 150~ chapters total.

    Thank you for reading.

    You're new here? And you want to be able to spot a retard? Anybody who posts something this stupid can only be retarded:
    Quote Originally Posted by sinshenlong View Post
    welll i dont understand how u listed air gear as not being complex, if u read the manga ull realise the story is one of the best out there, much higher than naruto or bleach level. also tenjou tenge is an excellant read as well.

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    Animalia555 again I am still looking for Japanese to English translators for Tokyo Underground volumes 8-10. Here is a description from wikipedia:
    The series tackles a world which is under Tokyo's underground railway system aptly called the Underground. The people living there are called Elemental Users because they can manipulate various elements.

    When the Priestess of Life, Ruri Sarasa, and her bodyguard, Gravity User Chelsea Rorec escape to the surface and take refuge with swordsman Asagi Rumina and his bespectacled best friend Isuzu Ginnosuke, the lives of the two boys are never the same after Rumina was killed during a battle with a henchman then resurrected by Ruri.

    They find out that Ruri is a very important person in the Underground and is being pursued by evil powers there. Grateful for Ruri and his newfound Wind powers, Rumina vows to protect her, even if it means going to the Underground to rescue her from her eventual captors before she gets sacrificed.
    PM me, or reply if you are interested.
    Last edited by animalia555; 05-22-2007 at 06:30 AM. Reason: added details

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    Haha, lemondude, you going to do any shows that don't centre around little girls flashing their panties??

    Well, good luck all of you guys. This thread is a solid idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by animalia555 View Post
    Animalia555 again I am still looking for Japanese to English translators for Tokyo Underground volumes 8-10. Here is a description from wikipedia: PM me, or reply if you are interested.
    Also the first 6 volumes have been Scanlated and are avalable at The Evil Empire's ongoing manga section. To acess it you just need 10 posts, or a one dollar donation.

    P.S. BEFORE you get the idea that this is another Tazmo the donation is ENTIRELY OPTIONAL as you can just do the posts.


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