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  1. I know what you mean about the mods (most were appointed during the 1st 2years ST was created) and have stuck in those positions as they aged and lost enthusiasm for the forum. At the same time, they are still the best heads to run ST. We don't have any other members here who have been around long enough who have been chronically active to potentially replace them. ST is like Sweden at this point- a large aged population with a smaller young population among the posters.
  2. It is funny that we have to talk about mart again, since I regard him as dead meat. I don't really wanna talk about him anymore, I only pointed out the incident as a remarkable event in ST's history that significantly changed the atmosphere on this forum a lot... And the organization aspect...
    What's now important is the present and future of ST not it's past... If you ask me, I seriously doubt that we'll see any new fresh faces in the mods list next, because the old ones hold on their power and don't wanna share their influence to the admin. There won't be any new mods and there won't be any fresh changes with the old guards... That is the main problem from my point of view...
  3. I've never thought the mods were inept. I am also of the belief that ST's downturn in popularity is mostly out of their hands, so them being on top of their game is all the more important. My point was that the mods aren't as proactive as they can be.

    Also, I completely disagree with your analysis of the impact of the mart incident. You said that Mart was the most popular or accessible mod here, and I contest both those claims. Mart had been inactive for at least a year during the time I was active because I hadn't seen him post until a few months before he actually left. It is true that he did mingle with posters more directly, but that doesn't mean he was well received. I know that he was my least favorite mod for his abrasive condescending attitude towards everyone else and because he abused his mod powers (this latter fact brought him hate from both Stealthmoose and Saizou, and caused AtrumIncendia to take a self-ban for a while).

    Steal, CPR, Kaom, COS, 98, Tet, Jakko, Volvogga...I think all of them were better liked than Mart.

    But, Mart was probably more important to ST history and how the site functioned/developed than all of them. His dedication to the forum made up for his callousness.

    Losing mart didn't affect members because they didn't trust mods as much (which is true), but because the organization power of the forum died substantially. When Mart 'left', Kaom and Volvogga left too. So we lost 3 of the more significant mods to the forum in that incident, and all the remaining mods and admin were upset and divided afterwards.

    Also. as I was saying, name some 'fresh' faces deserving of being mods here. The fact of the matter is that modship here is awarded to those that contribute the most to the forum, as it should be. That criteria makes the possibility of getting a 'fresh' face on the modding team pretty bleak, because people who are respected here need to have a long enough history here to get recognized by the majority and that translates to significant time spent here.

    The pitfalls of this criteria is that it doesn't select for levelheaded people (which would make ideal mods) but for longterm members. So people who became mods like Kaom would be less likely to be chosen today than during her time, even though she was probably more suited to the leadership.
  4. on 1) Maybe you're right. But then the right answer would be to post good threads in CC and see what happens... I checked Issalroc's thread list btw... *double facepalm*
    on 2) There could be several reason that might be responsible for the brain drain of posters here, even some that are not in correlation with ST (Like outgrowing readers, Numbers of Onlineviewer pages rising, Seniors getting adults, etc), but there should be a new generation then coming up to replace old members...
    Imo we should give new people a chance and don't be arrogant from the start. That's why I think we need someone from 2007/ 2008 as a new mod who is more tolerant to newbies than the old grumpy ones.
    As for mods failing in their position - there's not only one who made a disappointing job in the last months...

    As you said, the mods responsibility to moderate this forum became more than insufficient...
    Of course, the martyr incident has something to do with this. Mart was popular among members and he acted like a good chum. He even thought that his popularity would make him untouchable...
    After the incident everything seemed to get normal again, but most of the members lost confidence and trust in the remaining mods subconsciously and there was no one left who could replace the fake "chumness" of martyr. The left mods even started to become distant and not so helpful to members anymore, which may be a result of the incident, too...
    But alongside with this development this forum didn't make any significant progress in the last months... Comparing ST and MH, you know which forum evolved and which forum kept staying conservative... Now ST has to compete with other small forums like onemanga and not with MH or jcafe anymore... Mangashark is an interesting development but what about ST? Imo, we need to clear up all the dead sections immediately to have space for new ideas. Every new member who comes to this forum just sees a big screen full of dead subforums of old series that are over since two years...
    The background of this setback is only a result of a slow and undecided management. And I can picture a couple of mods who "don't want anything to change", because that might affect their power or "belongings"... As you mentioned, it is most likely a foul "corporate workplace"... What we might need is a coup d'état to refresh ST...
  5. I also think the current stasis of the forum has been grossly downplayed. But, I disagree with you on many points:
    1) The posters in CC didn't 'exclusively' spam till recently (lik 6 months ago). It just got a lot worse after the popularity of the forum was low enough that spamming didn't get punished anymore. Also, many of the senior ST members tend to hate spam in the wrong context.
    2) Steal's role in the CC section has generally been silent. The 2 times I did see him crack down do support your point though. I think he fails to realize that the spam threads in CC used to serve as a sink so that the rest of the CC threads would be carried out seriously. But, I don't think his stricter moderation is the reason CC is dead. CC is dead because the forum is more holistically inactive and the CC section has been hit hardest. In any case, now people end up spamming every thread till they get tired of it.

    I somewhat agree with you on the mods. I mispoke when I told Henchy most of the mods were gone; I really meant that they aren't active. They passively participate and moderate, but most of them no longer actively lead CC or their sections as they did in their younger days. They're still committed to the forum (especially Steal, with his skinning efforts and bringing in the manga viewer in) but they don't post as much and stimulate discussion as much as before. This latter trend also applies to me, which is why I wouldn't accept promotion to being a moderator right now (in the unlikely event that I was offered). Hell, I'd say a good third of the section doesn't know me because I'm not as active as I was before. And the truth is, I'll probably get busier till the end of college. The only time I could truly continuously commit to the forum would be the holidays.

    But I can't really blame the mods for going inactive as well. The mart incident really showed how insignificant their opinions were to the admin and it showed the rest of us forumers that the moderators have a nasty politics going in the background that you'd expect from a corporate workplace rather than here. Finding younger and more motivated mods to join is a nice idea, but I can't think of any such people on this forum.
  6. I just came by reading your conversation Ura and Henchy, sorry for lurking...
    My opinion about ST is that people expect bigger changes than those recently and ST just isn't developing in any direction... I stopped posting in CC just because it isn't worthy anymore to contribute but I think most of us think the same. We should actually have a thread in CC that discusses this current situation. I don't think that it is the problem of spammers, we always had that and most of the seniors posting in CC are nothing but spammers after all. But let's recapitulate how it happened that ST became so quiet as it is today. Soon after mart left (who I don't want to be back again) we got a new mod for CC... And Henchy might know what I wanna say now, but that new mod changed a lot...People got tired of posting there because suddenly CC became very strict. Okay, the situation is different today so the number of posts rised a little bit again.
    Another thing of course, is the lack of competent mods or mods who even bother to help you... It would be nice to have new mods who are motivated to watch, moderate and help in the subsections... The lack of them is a reason too that people started to post less than before imo...
    Ura, I said it before: If you want a change for the Naruto section you should be willing enough to ask the mods or the admin to promote you as the new mod for the Naruto sub... I know that you don't like that idea but it would be the best for ST imo if we get some new energetic mods again...
  7. Oh shit, you are member of six different groups!
  8. Bwahaha, I post #1 here, before Popo claims.

    Ura has to become member of the off-topic group and needs more friends!

    Go Ura!
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