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  1. Definitely others as well, if you're up for it. The rules of the world and the special abilities are extremely technical so its best to start from at least Heaven's Arena, which is I think ep27, where they introduce Nen. Of course, it makes most sense to start from episode 1, but personally I found the Hunter exam to be pretty slow, especially compared to everything else in the series. It's up to you.
  2. Ok, I'll check it out. I had nothing against Huntxhunt, ive actually only heard good things, but I just wanted to stay away from it because i heard the mangaka behind it takes major breaks and is kinda inconsistent when he wants to be. Didnt want to set myself up for that disappointment. So look at episode 76 or others as well?
  3. Been meaning to recommend this to you for a while now. You've probably heard of it before and maybe think that it's childish because the two main leads are just 12 or 13 depending on the story arc, but it's much more violent and brutal than most people realize.

    To the point, I think you should watch the Chimera Ant arc. It is easily the best story-telling I've ever seen in a shonen manga adaptation, and pretty much every episode of it has me on edge.

    Just give it a shot;
    Watch online (free, legal):
  4. T~T It's gone...!!
  5. Have you tried Soul Eater? Or how about Xam'd?
  6. Well my harddrive's BUSTED!! over 80-100 gigs of anime gone down the drain so i dont download anime anymore. I just watched it online but you can download it from torrents too. I saw a couple of em up.

    Man i just can not stop praising that anime man. *tear* its been a while since i've seen such art. All i have now is fuking shippuuden and bleach
  7. I will as soon as I get a bunch of crap deleted off of my hard drive. I've been asking a bunch of other people and so far they've all said it's pretty golden. Did you get it off of torrent or some anime site?
  8. Code Geass season 2 just ended. You should check it out now. Its one of my best anime ever. I heard somewhere that its the 5th best anime ever made. Check it ot mang.
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