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  1. about the Sniper.

    can the Sniper kill a mafia member, since she/he doesn't know who is a mafia member?

    If the Sniper is the player with the lowest post count out of all the players, does that make him obsolete, since he can' use any of his abilities.

    or are you going to ignore the player with the lowest post count when you pick the role of sniper?

    Edit: Can you vote to Lynch yourself? lol I know it stupid... does that coinside with the no suicide rule?
  2. BTW, I'd recommend that you cut and paste the page with roles into a word doc somewhere for ease of access. Later in the game when people start talking about strategies involving the use of abilities, it'll come in handy. That's what I did, the first time I played a game with this many roles and abilities.
  3. Okay, the way it works is that the townies need to figure out who the mafia are, and then lynch them. Everyone gets to vote for a target for lynching. Once there are enough votes - the majority - the targetted person is lynched. This means they die in the game - no getting out of it. With the mafia hits, the target could be saved by the medic. This is not the case with a lynch.

    You can choose to vote for 'no lynch', but only on the first day. There after, you need a target for lynching. If you choose to avoid voting, that's your perogative, but it won't stop a lynch. If everyone refuses to choose a target, a player at random will be killed. It's better to target someone who's looking suspect or inactive, than risk losing an important townie.

    Mafia votes do count. The townies don't know who the mafia are, so are forced to accept the votes as all equal. The townies win when all the mafia are dead. The mafia win when the number of mafia equals the number of townies.
  4. kool I'll ask you the questions I asked Sakura 8 hours ago but she hasn't replied yet so yeah lol... here they are

    What's a lynch?

    and can we not vote?

    I don't see the point in voting on the 1st day if the townies have a 20% chance of getting mafia member

    & do mafia votes count towards kills?
  5. Yeah, no problem. A ping is an investigation of whether a person is a mafia or a townie. The investigator can choose to ping a person - say, you for example. The investigator sends me a pm telling me that you're the target of his ping. I send him a pm back telling him your allegiance. If you're the mafia underling, you ping as mafia. Usually in these games, it's the way that people track down who is mafia and who they should lynch. I think that far too often people put too much trust in the investigator and don't bother to read into posts to see who appears dodgy. That's why this game has so many false ping options - the mafia Godfather always pings as innocent. The Manipulator can alter how someone will ping - making a mafia appear innocent or a townie appear guilty.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if you're still not sure, or have any other questions.
  6. Hey, can you explain pinging to me... I'm still lost and Sakura is offline lol.
  7. Ah, so it's finally been approved. Sweet. I'll be there.
  8. You know the new MSH forum is comming tomorrow right?
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