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  1. I am not in fact opening the forum up to spam. For some people CYM, was a fun thread. While I admit it got a little crazy. There are tons of other lame ass spam thread. It's a forum.
  2. I don't care, CC ain't my problem anymore. I resent the fact you seem to think opening the forum up to spam is going to somehow raise traffic but whatever. You're free to think that if you want, its Jyuu who'll deal with the repercussions.

  3. Ok, here is what it is. Kane, is freaking worried about the traffic this site is getting. Spam happens. I already post a rule "If you don't want to be fun of don't post". Jyuu said Sakura's post was overruled. I would like to know, how many of your post have changed the world. I have been a very good member of this forum, please remember that.

  4. Im gonna be flat with you. I don't want another Confess Your Mess thread. Theres plenty of spam elsewhere in CC thats not going to evaporate just because another thread pops up. Personally it pisses me off that you would have the audacity to say its a "dedicated" spam thread under the guise of making the site more active. But whatever... I know what its like to have an idea and have mods shit on your thread for no apparent reason or just out of their personal distaste. So heres what Im gonna do. Youre gonna be in control of keeping that thread on point, I don't want any insanity or excessive bullshit posts. I don't want any insulting of members or hatching of related and branching threads. You have three strikes and trust me I will be watching. Sakura_Hana's post is strike one. Third strike it gets deleted. Agreed?
  5. No beef. He's just a useless spammer that I would like nothing more than to permaban. I have watched his posts in the forums I frequent from his first day here and I can guarantee that 4 out of 5 of them are worthy of outright deletion because of stupidity, incoherency, or off-topic-ness.
  6. Oh snap, what's the beef between you two?
  7. Oh so he is good for something
  8. Thanks, R3d made it for me.
  9. I love J and her beautiful white shirt
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