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    Yours was too elaborate now that I see it :P Its a great idea but human factor gets in the way too often like whos going to get the treasure? You also put enemies that weren't from enviroments so it would give some people spazm attacks and try defending themselves at all costs. Great idea, bar was too high though (everyones a midget in this case). Maybe a simple idea should be used [next time] so its a growing idea :P

    Wanna try remaking it Sock? I'll take the blame if everyone hates it X3
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    It was a quick thought that I gotten after remembering one of Atrum's complaints in King of the Hill. What if we all didn't best each other but just tried reaching a common goal?
    Well originally the idea was to have all players on one team except for the host or the host's choosing. The other would be the storyteller of events like TMG except theres no threat but for curiosity and ignorance (Human Factor as I will call it later ^^). After setting a general reason/story why group A would traverse together, they will have to decide on multiple options like, will you move left or right?. After choosing, as an indivitual of course, everyone will decide where to go with said example; left or right?. those who would choose one side, left, would possibly meet an untimely fate from human factor. The dead stay dead while the others move on, the ones who went right. Heres a clearer version I suppose (this seemed like a waste of time for typing now that I look at it...).

    Mouse, R3d, and Henchy have crash landed their plane into an uncharted island, the three stick together searching the dense jungle to find any shelter only to find a slight problem, where do they go?. The three lay down their decisions for the shelter which are, the coastline, stay with the crashed plane, or look for a cave
    (I didn't want to use a labrynth for the "RPG" because then I may use it later if this is a good idea :P).
    R3d decides to look for the cave, Henchy sticks with him, and Mouse chooses to look for the coastline. R3d and Henchy find the cave but face more challenges as night fall but Mouse is reluctant to two facts, he has no idea where the coastline is and how far away it is. Like a bad mouse, Infa is attacked by a bobcat and killed (I would have made more choices for Mouse I suppose but Theres not enough time to explain this all).

    Hopefully, thats a little clearer ^^'. Taken from a new perspective, its more like a RPG but leaning on a TMG side. Not sure if it would be successful since it requires so much. Do you like it or does it need tweaking (or burning)?
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    I thought your page needs more of this
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    Sock, how would a game where a team had to navigate through a text-based maze fare? I'm trying to figure out a game where besting another isn't the objective but its rather hard.
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    That answer is an easy one, and its probably the same reason Darkus self-banned- so that I'm not tempted to waste time on a website that I'm obsessed with.

    And the thing about obsession (which most of the heavy posters here suffer from or suffered from) is that you come back here at times you shouldn't be here. That's why I self-banned.

    And I don't see how gettting banned is, in any form, 'flashy'. You're basically excluding yourself from the pool of posters. All that will happen is that the forum moves on without you.
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    That's nice to hear after all the drama accusations. Good to hear from you too.
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    Rawrz <(-M-)>

    Thanks for the warnin ^^
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    oh lulz...
    I don't lacked hatred..

    My HATRED is realzzzzzzzzz
    *in Sasuke pose*
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    I wanna buy you a voodoo doll for yer birthday present....
    Now I'm having doubts
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    I said that for teg LULZ
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