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    Don't mean to jump in to your guy's 3 way convo, but I'd like to point out a couple of things.

    1. ST politics ran deep, you'd have to ask around, dig, and lurk to understand why Mart WAS needed believe it or not. The mods were actually quite balanced back then believe it or not.

    Seeing as most of the older people have left and some of you(not directing this specifically to you mort but as a general) don't want to ask or might not even believe what they say making another hurdle for you guys to really have judged. I was bored back then, and the history of ST interested me so I asked around all the time, got comfortable, and am willing to say that for the most part you guys have no clue what was right and wrong in terms of Mart.

    Honestly if you guys want to know and understand it'd be long and complicated, but seeing as Mart is still here put aside whatever differences you guys have and actually ask him about the history as well as about what happened. There was so much to everything but most people jumped the gun. I admit that Mart can be a difficult person to argue with, but he knows and has been here for almost all the history. That's not to say I only learned stuff about ST through him only, I was able to get the chance to talk and get to know almost all the mods except for Maddie-chan, Hellcreater(whom I only spoke to a few times), Kane, Brian, IdiotHunter, Tet, and Shautieh(with the exceptions of the few times on ST), and Cold-Nite. Although that's a lot of mods that I "don't know", I was able to find out a lot about them all through other mods, making it more or less not an issue.

    2. The decline of ST is based on multiple reasons, series ending, people moving on, new series not being as huge as previous other series, the fact that for the most part people who posted here used to come for the community more than the manga, ST used to be more usefull/helpful because of the community such as Mart's help with links and other forms of help, and CC used to actually have good conversations or people who made really good threads, lastly(but not really) there was meaning to Stop Tazmo. It's not just one or two things, it was many things that contributed to it's success.

    3. Even when there has been new and good threads in CC, lots of times it got spamed up by newer members or it simply wasn't enough to keep on going. It's hard, but people used to always come up with great convos and nice debates all the time. Where is that now? I admit I spamed a lot when I started, and still do from time to time, but even when I don't post or I post something I try to get going(mainly manga/anime) no one else participates for different reasons.

    4. Personally, I believe ST was always about the community more than simply the mods since they were all members before they became mods. I think people seem to overlook that fact and how most if not all mods were appointed that way. And on the subject of mods, it's a fact that if you ask for modship you will not get it no matter how hard you beg or how qualified you are.

    5. You guys want better post/better things you've gotta keep on asking and show leadership yourselves. Just standing around and pouting about it like you own the place doesn't do anything. We may be apart of the community, but we don't own and run the place. Ask for something rather than demand it always works better than being an arse about it.

    Not only that, you've gotta recruit people yourself from other sites, I know you've done lots of promoting with your own scanslations group which I applaud you for.

    6. A LOT of the new members have been very...lets say...weak hearted. Back them flame wars happened left and right, but things were still alive and traffic was always there. The "nicer" ST got the worse it became for bad spamming. Senior members pointed that out, and rightfully put the newer members in their place. Hell, even I acted like a retard to a more or lesser extent when I start out from those experiences and eventually I became good friends with them. Slapping people on the wrist doesn't always solve the problem, sometimes people just need something more and if they stick around long enough majority of the time they change.

    Last note I'd like to say is that take what I said as you want, I won't get mad or angry about whether you guys agree or disagree. I don't think I'll leave this place until it dies or I finally move on due to something with my career or just some other reason that prevents me from doing so. I may or may not post as much but whatever. I'm just giving my quick but long opinion on this matter since you guys seemed to have addressed something that is important and I just happened to be lurking. I just hope you guys do a little be of research before jumping the gun on anything.
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    I've never thought the mods were inept. I am also of the belief that ST's downturn in popularity is mostly out of their hands, so them being on top of their game is all the more important. My point was that the mods aren't as proactive as they can be.

    Also, I completely disagree with your analysis of the impact of the mart incident. You said that Mart was the most popular or accessible mod here, and I contest both those claims. Mart had been inactive for at least a year during the time I was active because I hadn't seen him post until a few months before he actually left. It is true that he did mingle with posters more directly, but that doesn't mean he was well received. I know that he was my least favorite mod for his abrasive condescending attitude towards everyone else and because he abused his mod powers (this latter fact brought him hate from both Stealthmoose and Saizou, and caused AtrumIncendia to take a self-ban for a while).

    Steal, CPR, Kaom, COS, 98, Tet, Jakko, Volvogga...I think all of them were better liked than Mart.

    But, Mart was probably more important to ST history and how the site functioned/developed than all of them. His dedication to the forum made up for his callousness.

    Losing mart didn't affect members because they didn't trust mods as much (which is true), but because the organization power of the forum died substantially. When Mart 'left', Kaom and Volvogga left too. So we lost 3 of the more significant mods to the forum in that incident, and all the remaining mods and admin were upset and divided afterwards.

    Also. as I was saying, name some 'fresh' faces deserving of being mods here. The fact of the matter is that modship here is awarded to those that contribute the most to the forum, as it should be. That criteria makes the possibility of getting a 'fresh' face on the modding team pretty bleak, because people who are respected here need to have a long enough history here to get recognized by the majority and that translates to significant time spent here.

    The pitfalls of this criteria is that it doesn't select for levelheaded people (which would make ideal mods) but for longterm members. So people who became mods like Kaom would be less likely to be chosen today than during her time, even though she was probably more suited to the leadership.
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    Wow, this is what CC used to be like.
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    I also think the current stasis of the forum has been grossly downplayed. But, I disagree with you on many points:
    1) The posters in CC didn't 'exclusively' spam till recently (lik 6 months ago). It just got a lot worse after the popularity of the forum was low enough that spamming didn't get punished anymore. Also, many of the senior ST members tend to hate spam in the wrong context.
    2) Steal's role in the CC section has generally been silent. The 2 times I did see him crack down do support your point though. I think he fails to realize that the spam threads in CC used to serve as a sink so that the rest of the CC threads would be carried out seriously. But, I don't think his stricter moderation is the reason CC is dead. CC is dead because the forum is more holistically inactive and the CC section has been hit hardest. In any case, now people end up spamming every thread till they get tired of it.

    I somewhat agree with you on the mods. I mispoke when I told Henchy most of the mods were gone; I really meant that they aren't active. They passively participate and moderate, but most of them no longer actively lead CC or their sections as they did in their younger days. They're still committed to the forum (especially Steal, with his skinning efforts and bringing in the manga viewer in) but they don't post as much and stimulate discussion as much as before. This latter trend also applies to me, which is why I wouldn't accept promotion to being a moderator right now (in the unlikely event that I was offered). Hell, I'd say a good third of the section doesn't know me because I'm not as active as I was before. And the truth is, I'll probably get busier till the end of college. The only time I could truly continuously commit to the forum would be the holidays.

    But I can't really blame the mods for going inactive as well. The mart incident really showed how insignificant their opinions were to the admin and it showed the rest of us forumers that the moderators have a nasty politics going in the background that you'd expect from a corporate workplace rather than here. Finding younger and more motivated mods to join is a nice idea, but I can't think of any such people on this forum.
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    Thanks Morten.

    That Cake is .........
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    hahahaha...yeah, luv soul. ^__^

    again? does that mean I actually had some? XD
    no minus?
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    whatever Klaus...
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    Congratulations! That is something to be proud of...
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    If I find out you are a wolf, I'll make your life a living hell!
    ...also, I didn't say on what game on the FG you were going to be crushed...
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    I'm going to crush you FG-n00b!!

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