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  1. Nah I'm just curious, besides I'm not good at making up stories about people dying and stuff lol
  2. Are you thinking of running a game?
    The Manipulator can pick how he wants a person to ping. If his target happens to be the vigilante, and he wanted to change them to guilty, then nothing happens. The vigilante doesn't change to innocent, it's a wasted turn for the manipulator. If the manipulator knows who the vigi is, he can choose to make him appear innocent for a turn though.
  3. About the Manipulator, he can only alter a person's ping right?

    but he can't change what he can alter the ping to, right?

    For example, If a Vigilante has already killed and the Manipulator doesn't know who who the Vigilante is but happens to randomly alter the ping of the Vigilante to Guilty but the Vigilante is already guilty since he's already killed.

    Will the Manipulator's alteration be useless or will it change from guilty to innocent without his knowing? :S
  4. Yip. Best thing is that the medic's ability or discovery isn't revealed to the Godfather.
  5. Can you explain the medic's ability to reveal the God Father?

    edit:Nevermind lol... if the medic hela the GodFather then the medic finds out the identity of the GodFather I'm guessing lol.
  6. No, the Sniper can only use Present Arms if he has the ability to Snipe. So he has to wait for a mafia member to die. Then he can a)Snipe someone or b)Present Arms.
  7. Can you explain the Sniper's present arms ability?

    may only invoke this if 1 kill in hand

    Does that mean the siper has to kill at least one person or someone in the game has to die first before he can usethis ability?
  8. The medic picks one person to target for possible medical attention. It the targetted person gets hit by the mafia, the medic will save them. The Signal Flare ability is best used end game when the Townies need 2 lynches in a row, or just to prove that the medic is who they say they are.
  9. can you explain the roelof medic for me please, thanks
  10. Once the sniper has a bullet in hand he becomes active. He can target any of the 3 people with the lowest post count. This includes mafia. It's a risk he has to take. If he's the bottom poster, then too bad, he can't sniper. He can still Present Arms though, and become a full fledged mafia Underling.

    The post count is only for in game. It doesn't matter what your official ST post count is, only the count for this mafia game itself. It's a way to stop people from lurking or going inactive.

    Yes, you can vote to lynch yourself. Not necessarily stupid, you could do it to save the medic or the investigator, if you know they're going to be lynched instead. It's different from suicide. The suicide rule was instituted because of a weird game I played where the non-roled civvied all committed suicide. This made it easier to spot the mafia. I don't think it's happen here, but best not to chance it.
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