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  1. You bring up some fair points. Ultimately, it just wasn't worth my time. I might go back into the thread. But i need to let my thoughts stew.

  2. I agree with your view somewhat , but you're counterpoint wasn't well expressed imo. Even if Bob's views don't change (I think you're giving Bob too little credit on this one since he was willing to continue discussions), you could have at least pointed out the crappy points in his logic and won the argument. Instead you just left it with something that looks like an angry retort after Bob considered continuing the discussion (which frankly makes you look like a sore loser in the argument) . Bob might have been itching to bring this down to a mudslinging Islam v Christianity or an Islamic nation v Christian nation fight , but you could have easily won the argument without even stooping to religious mudslinging (not that what you said was wrong).

    But, when I put myself in your shoes at this point, I don't see a reason for you to care about what I think on the way you posted. I'm not upset at how you responded, but I am mildly annoyed that you backed out in a way that made you look wrong and even a little immature when we could have had an actual discussion on it for once in CC.
  3. Ura, I didn't go after bob, because it wouldn't worth it. I won't change his mind.
  4. Ura, You bring some good points.

    Morten, I think Steal was told to calm down, hence he took almost a month off. I don't know the answers.
  5. I don't dislike the forum, I'm just disappointed with some of the users here. I know Mart helped keep this place clean (and alive). I remember his manga links thread and that he is the reason Jyuu became supermod. He's a smart guy who was truly committed to the forum, but also ridiculously narcissistic.

    On the mods, where are COS and Tet? I haven't seen/heard from them in some time, and that's 2/8 mods for the forum. I remember the Naruto debate, and agreed with you then. Kaom agreed with us too, but sections that ask for moderating tend not to get it.
  6. I totally get where you are coming from. Funny thing is Mods like Mart help keep this place clean. Like his methods or not he got the job done. I pm'ed Kane asking about the mods and he said most are still here. If that is true or not, I don't know. I remember getting shit for asking for more mods.=/

    The Naruto section needs a mod, but no one listens to me. I'm not with the "In crowd". All and all, I still like this forum. Could it use some clean up? Yes.
  7. It's nice to hear that someone likes my posting, but I think you're overestimating me.

    I was short to the Mart thing because I'm a little annoyed with the way the forum reacts to him. I understand that he has contributed a lot to the forum in the past, but the way he left was extremely childish and immature. And now if Mart really is revealing himself as endgamer, then he's coming back by bandodging to throw his victim act again and just to cause a commotion. I'm irritated that Steal or Jyuu have been soft on him as he plays with the forum rules that they are supposed to enforce, and that people tolerate that kind of stupidity simply because they are friends with Mart. I was being short in that post so that I wouldn't bring out a lengthy discussion on Mart again and feed his narcissism.

    Other than Mart, I haven't really been short with people. But, I will admit that I'm a little disappointed with the way this forum has changed lately. The CC section has become a spam pool where nothing is discussed seriously for too long, the Naruto section is filled with people more concerned with pushing their opinions than posting observations or having actual arguments, most of the mods here are chronically gone, and a lot of the gaming section is dead. Also, some longterm posters have been spamming more or have become exclusive spammers. All of those disappointments thrown on top of a general lack of personal time these days make me a little less tolerant of stupidity these days.
  8. I have notice you have been a bit short with people. Dollar, I could give a shit about. Endmart(Endgamer/Marty), I don't know if you had any bad dealing with, so I can't say. I normally enjoy your post. I find you to be as smart as a whip and I like that. It would suck, if you fell into the "Smart guy/asshole" thing.
  9. You really think I'm on a mean streak? I haven't noticed such a change myself. Are you talking about my response to 'endgamer' or to xxDollar?

    It is true that I'm being less demure/indirect about my opinion, but I don't think I have been meaner than usual.
  10. If you can get it stickied, I think it would be entertaining. If it flies by CPR you should be golden.
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