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  1. Supressing thoughts doesn't help though, I feel ts that I let them slowly out that helps. Shaking a soda can and opening it, don't you expect the contents to spray out?
  2. Like I said try to focus on trying to find what type of person who you are nothing else and it should help. Don't be scared of thinking but be scared of not thinking.
  3. Too much time to think.. I still scare myself anyways. Thanks for the advise Infamouse, a good man.
  4. I think I get it. It' more of you are not caring about the things you care about but care about the things you normally don't care about. Well you just need to spend some time thinking. ot of killing or loving but just wait type of a person you are. for some this is a very hard thing because they don't know them selves, (*whistle whistle*) Just think of you but not of your emotions but of who you are you should be able to find something.
  5. hmm.. Best way to say it is, I could kill someone but probably miss them in a sense.. Its hard to describe. A love of all things but not a care in the world if I kill it?
  6. hmm can you rephrase that last line
    ". Its why I feel the need to kill but love." I don't understand the wording.
    do you mean not to love.
    Loving hard, Killing easy >:\)
  7. Killing isn't the problem, suicide isn't the problem. Nothing that would normally weigh down people isn't attached to me. The one thing that stops me from doing anything chaotic is "who will miss me when i'm gone?" I stay alive or keep myself for the sake of that one person who would miss me. Its not the fact that I feel isolated from the rest.. Its why I feel the need to kill but love.
  8. lol I think know what your going through. Gun I was like this to... a year ago ish..
    I'm 15 and I had felt like that. Do you feel like you dont have friends but you do know people who you sometimes talk to but you won't classified them as friends. I used to think about things and used to think I had a monster inside of me and had dreams of my family dying like everyday for a while.

    Your are growing and you should grow out of it unless you become emo (me not emo to happy to be emo)

    just wait going insane is not the worst thing that could happen to you, be insane while you still have your sanity is
  9. 12. Believe me or not but I have no intention to lie to someone who is trying to help.
  10. How old are you...
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