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  1. Hmm... since Crunchyroll turned subscription-only (and not available to users in my country anwyay...), my anime consumption has gone drastically down. About the only series I'm following nowadays is Toradora, on YouTube.

    Then again, my consumption of K-pop and K-variety stuff has gone way up. Also because of YouTube. Which goes to show that the medium of communication influences the message that is conveyed. Now how would this apply to manga and anime, or video games, or media in general?
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    Nice idea. Turning your Profile into a blog. maybe I could copy your idea... ^^

    I do agree with you regarding the fanservice. A Good story and likable characters are the main points that I like in animes. But I'm not against fanservice. I do like them and all but I prefer to have them used for comedic relief and such. Too much of them can be horrible *cough*Rosario Vampire*cough*.

    regarding your question about shounen romantic comedy. if they took out the breast you'll get panties instead. so its impossible. in an even that you do find one. tell me ^^
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    If you don't already know the new MSH forum is comming tomorrow!
  4. Hmmm... I just realised that being able to post messages to my own profile can work as something like a blog. That could prove interesting. I'll see if I can try blogging my thoughts on anime/manga and StopTazmo every now and then.

    So... I seem to be watching a lot of fanservice-heavy anime nowadays. Kamen no Maid Guy, Koihime Musou, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu... It's kind of sad. I'm not even really interested in the fanservice. It's the bishoujos in a fast-paced comedy romance that I like. If only I could find another Ranma 1/2 or School Rumble to watch... if you have snappy lines, good pacing and likable characters, there IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED FOR GRATUITOUS FANSERVICE, PEOPLE! Sheesh. For once, just once, I'd like to see a shounen romantic comedy anime that does not mention or take note of breasts at all. At all. (Am I asking for the impossible?)
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    Oh, dear. That's some pretty sage advice, that right there. I seem to have chosen the "be mediocre at all three" route. It's not exactly working out how I'd like. (Although I am getting decent grades, while occasionally indulging in hobbies, while at least getting some decent sleep hours in on the weekend, so it's not terrible.)

    I think I'd cut back more on sleep, only coffee does nothing for me. It smells so much better than it tastes, too. :/

    P.S. I seem to be having some kind of connection issue, if this posts twice I'm sorry.
  6. @ kaom: Well, compared to a lot of the other people in the forums, they're well written... And to be completely honest, I only noticed you existed when I actually ventured out of Misc. into Chit Chat - I think it was during one of Steal's threads about mods. As for school... someone once told me that you can choose to do three things with your time: study, hobbies or sleep - pick two. I gave up sleep myself.

    @ CPR: Hey! Yeah, I guess we don't interact much. I don't really go on IRC anymore... I prefer the more structured conversation on the forum. Plus, I tend to be a forum recluse and mostly hang out around the Misc. and General series forums, so that's where you can find me.
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    Hello again. =D

    I saw you peaking so I thought I should drop a message. (and to peak right back at you)

    So, sup? I don't get a chance to talk to you too much. Do you go on IRC?
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    Well-written?! Are you sure we're reading the same posts? Maybe you're thinking of someone else!

    Actually I'm kind of surprised you even know who I am. I don't think we've really had much of a chance to interact since...what, two years ago in Misc? Geez, it's been a lot longer than I ever meant it to be. I guess school does that to you, I just haven't had time for manga like I used to. I miss it. ;_;

    Anyway, thank you. I'm happy these new tools gave me a chance to say it. ^__^
  9. Hehe... thanks kaom. I feel likewise - from what I've seen of your posts, I really think they're very well-written and thoughtful. You're a great poster too.
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    I see we're playing the spying game with each other, so, what's up, dizzy?

    To be honest I dropped by your profile to drop you a line but I chickened out. I think you're a great poster.
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