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  1. From Japanese to English and to B. Portuguese.

    If you'd like to have a look at our new headquarters:

    That's the forum for the Offtopia group, which is composed of both Enxame and Gantz Waiting Room.
  2. thanks, man!!

    Dr. Slump, huh? but from japanese to english?
  3. Yo! It's all good, experimenting with different techniques is the only way to know what works for sure.

    If you're interested, have a look:
    (it's a list of scanning and editing tutorials)

    And if you're into editing, GWR (Gantz Waiting Room) is recruiting. GWR is the scanlation group of a friend of mine. We'll eventually merge our group with his for upcoming projects.

    Also, do you already have a jcafe account? If so, contact me there:;u=1630

    Don't worry about time; whenever the scans are ready, we'll work on them, no rush.

    Also, now Dr. Slump is on the projects list (it'll be more of a training project for the new editors - me included).

    Well then, jya na!
  4. hm... the thing is, I was developing the technique while scanning...
    I can take big flat parts of the image, that look grainy when scanned, and make it look more uniform.
    But, when there's too much detail, it's best to just leave it grainy, than to lose the detail. got it?
    I don't knos if there's a better way... but I'll check those tutorials...

    and I'm so sorry, but I haven't had the time to scan...
  5. Anyway, keep the stuff coming, my man! Ch 12 was already released (you can check it on the blog). It'll take some time but we'll manage to finish this series eventually!
    Oh, btw, if you want to add any comment on the notes page/txt for each chapter, feel free to tell me.

    And as for new chapters, whenever you have them ready, you can send the link to my e-mail too; it's a bit more pratical to me right now, because with limited access I'm pretty much only checking the e-mail when I get this thingy to work.

    Well, see ya man! Take care
  6. What's that about the Japanese publishing? All my friends who deal with scanning aren't from Japan, so I can't help you with that. I do, however, have Japanese friends who live in Japan but are not into manga... dunno if that'd be of any help.

    I'm currently internetless. I'm still unsure as to how long it'll take for me to get a proper connection...

    On a side note, concerning HA scans, I've noticed while the color pages were great, some parts of the b/w ones were a bit off; I'm not into scanning, only know the general lines of the proccess, so I'm not really one to talk, but have you checked any scanlation team scanning tutorial? Some of them have some neat tips - I have a few of them on my fav's list, in order to check it out whenever I get the time and will for it.
  7. queridooooo

    cê tá vivo?
  8. hey jhow! still alive?

    I was wondering... do you know anybody who makes scans? I mean, someone who lives in Japan? I need to talk to somene who knows how they are published there...
  9. so pra avisar... to ENROLADO PRA CARALHO com facul... sei la quando vo pode continua...
  10. hey cali!
    esse é o cara que pode fazer uns banners pra ti:
    ok? conversa com ele.
    repare que esse endereço funciona no msn...
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