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Thread: Rookies :heart:

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    Smile Rookies :heart:

    I love this manga, it's funny, sweet and just gives me a nice feeling.
    I come to this site alot just to see if any new chapters are realised. (This manga and Initial D)
    Thank you for making sure i get the pleasure to read this.

    If anyone has an opinion of this manga you're welcome to comment.

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    Cool 13

    I'm going to bump the thread PRETTY WOMANPART 13EXT. SAN FRANCISCO - SUNSETThe setting sun casts an incredibly glow over the city and thecoast.VIVIAN (O.S.)You ever been in love with anyone?INT. CORPORATE JET - SUNSETVivian is at the window, looking out. She carefully puts herearrings back on. She stares, mesmerized by the skyline, thegolden gate bridge in the distance. She turns. Edward isbuttoning his shirt. He is silent.VIVIANSorry. You're not paying me toask you question like that.EDWARDVivian. I'm paying you to beyou. Be you.(a beat)Have you? Ever been in love withanyone?VIVIANYou mean, besides Elvis?(turning back to thewindow)I'm a human being. Sure. Once.First time I ever ran away fromhome, I got as far as Atlanta.I met this boy. He'd been withhis parents on their way toChicago. They stopped at a gasstation. He went to the john.When he came back they'd split.We sorta started looking out foreach other. Aw, he was sweet.And boy, was he good looking,y'know, dark hair and eyes.The chicken hawks were on him allthe time. He hated that.Sometimes we'd find a safe placeto crash nights and we'd curl uptogether and we'd talk about allthese crazy things. The two ofus getting married someday.Having kids. Stupid stuff.EDWARDWhat happened to him?A moment. Vivian shrugs.VIVIANMy father found me. Dragged mehome. I don't know why, he neverseemed to like me much when I wasthere.(a bitter smile)'Cept when he was drunk, then heliked me a whole lot.(a moment)I made it back to Atlanta a yearlater. Andy was gone.Silence. Vivian stares out the window.VIVIANAw, but things sure look finewhen you're sitting way up high.Edward moves close to Vivian and putting an arm around hershoulders, stares with her out at the view. Vivian rests herhead against him.EXT. SAN FRANCISCO OPERA HOUSE - NIGHTAn airport limo pulls to a stop in front of the San FranciscoOpera House. The DRIVER walks around back and opens thepassenger door. Edward emerges and helps Vivian out.INT. S.F. OPERA HOUSE LOBBY - NIGHTEdward puts his hand on Vivian's elbow as they walk throughthe elegant lobby.EDWARDSome people say that opera is anacquired taste, but I don'tbelieve it. You can always tellwhen someone goes to the operafor the first time. They eitherlove it or hate it. Those wholove it will always love it; thosewho hate it might come toappreciate it, but they'll nevertruly love it.Vivian is wide eyed as they walk past a beautifully lit fountain with several graceful statues in its center. Everywhere she looks she sees elegantly dressed WOMEN and prosperous looking MEN. It makes her nervous. Without realizing it, she raises a protective hand up to her necklace. She looks as if she suspects someone is going to step up and steal it.EDWARDViv? I really doubt if anyonehere is going to try and grab it.Vivian reluctantly lowers her hands.INT. S.F. OPERA HOUSE LOBBY - ANOTHER ANGLE - NIGHTA crowd of PEOPLE mill around the lobby, heading toward theirseats. Vivian is aware of the looks she draws as she passes-- curious, even envious looks from the WOMEN, appreciativeglances from the MEN. Her hands again rises nervously to hernecklace.EDWARDThey all think you look verybeautiful, Vivian.Vivian gives him a grateful look. Relaxing, she lowers her handfrom the necklace. With a flourish, he offers his arm. Shetakes it. They start forward.INT. S.F. OPERA HOUSE BOX - NIGHTEdward and Vivian take their seats in a box high above thestage.VIVIANIf it's in Italian, how will Iknow what they're saying?EDWARDI'll whisper some of the mainparts of the story to you. Butyou'll be surprised how much youunderstand. The music conveysthe story more powerfully thanany words.VIVIANBut don't they have it inEnglish?EDWARDVivian, don't be afraid of whatyou don't know. That's the funof it.The lights dim.VIVIAN(resigned)Okay. Even if I hate it, I'mglad you brought me.The orchestra begins to play. Vivian's eyes focus intenselyon the stage, as if a new world is about to be revealed to her.INT. S.F. OPERA HOUSE STATE - NIGHTIN A MONTAGE OF IMAGES AND MUSIC - LA BOHEME is performed.The lights from the stage dance across Vivian's face. Edwardleans over to translate the tenor's aria.EDWARDWhat am I? I am a poet. Nota man of wealth but one rich indreams. You have come to replacemy vanished dreams. I dwell nowonly in your eyes.The MUSIC ebbs and swells. The sets and costumes change. Thestory continues.Edward again leans close to Vivian.EDWARDAnd now she asks Rudolpho if hestill thinks her beautiful --Vivian raises a hand and gently covers Edward's mouth. Her eyesare fixed on the stage. She doesn't need his help.The emotions building inside Vivian swell as the music isreaching its tragic climax. Her lips tremble. Her eyes fillwith tears. Edward glances at her. He studies her a longmoment, watching the emotions play unashamedly across her face.Strangely moved, he takes Vivian's hand.As the opera ends, they are both swept away by it.INT. S.F. OPERA HOUSE BOX - NIGHTAs the lights come up, Vivian wipes off her tear-ruinedmascara. She sighs, happy. The WOMEN in the next box smileat her.OLDER WOMANDid you enjoy the opera, dear?VIVIAN(tearfully)It was so beautiful I just aboutpissed my pants.Edward smiles at the now shocked looking Older Woman and heand the still misty Vivian exit.INT. CORPORATE JET - NIGHT - LATEREdward and Vivian sit side by side.EDWARDIf you'd gone on about how muchyou liked it, I'm not sure I'dhave believed you.VIVIANI more than liked it.EDWARDI know. I'm glad.VIVIANDid you?EDWARDYes. I've never enjoyed it more.Thank you.Vivian looks at him a moment. And then, leaning slowly forwardshe kisses him gently on the mouth. He looks at her surprise.He puts his arms around her and kisses her back. It is thefirst time they've kissed and they make it very special.EXT. CORPORATE JET - NIGHTThe plane flies in the night. Back to L.A.INT. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE PENTHOUSE BEDROOM - NIGHTIN A SERIES OF CROSS FADES Edward and Vivian make love.Equally giving, equally taking. No masks, no shields.INT. PENTHOUSE BEDROOM - NIGHT - LATERIn the darkened bedroom, Edward and Vivian lie together.Edward cradles Vivian. Her back rests against his chest. Hisarm is over her body.She takes Edward's hand in her hands and carefully examinesit; marveling at the fingers, the tiny hairs on the back. Shegently kisses the palm.VIVIANLove you...She clutches Edward's hand tightly to her breast. She closesher eyes, ready to sleep now.INT. PENTHOUSE BEDROOM - ANGLE ON EDWARD - NIGHTHis eyes open. Vivian's whispered endearment has filled withhim with sudden confusion and uncertainty. He stares into thedark, wondering what to do with the woman in his arms.INT. PENTHOUSE - OUTDOOR PATIO - MORNINGThe phone rings. Edward immediately reaches out and picks it up. He is dressed in a robe. Breakfast is on the umbrella'dtable in front of him.EDWARDYes?INT. STUCKEY'S HOME - LIBRARY- MORNING - INTERCUTStuckey, not even dressed yet, paces around his desk.STUCKEYDid I wake you?EDWARDI'm up.STUCKEYI had to call. I jus got offthe phone with James Kross. Getthis. He wants to see you.Today.EDWARDWhy?STUCKEYHe wouldn't say. Edward... Ithink we got him. His nuts areon the block and we got him.(silence)You there?EDWARDGive me twenty minutes.STUCKEYWe'll be there. Listen, if he'sreally caving in, we'll go fromthere down to the office. I wanthim to commit his stock to us thismorning.Edward hangs up. His mind seems on other things. He rises.INT. PENTHOUSE BEDROOM - MORNINGVivian is still asleep. She is face down on the bed, thesheets just covering her to her waist. Edward stares down ather. He gently reaches out and runs a finger down the soft lineof her spine. Vivian murmurs contentedly.VIVIANMmm.(opening her eyes;looking at him)Hi.Edward smiles at her softly. And then:EDWARDBetter get dressed. We're having guests.INT. PENTHOUSE BEDROOM - DAYVivian is wearing her yellow dress. She stares at herself inthe bedroom mirror. Her hair... her make-up... she realizeshow different she is now, realizes that she likes it.Edward comes out of the bathroom. He crosses to the closetfor a tie.VIVIANHere. Let me.She comes over, starts to tie his tie for him. He is veryaware of the closeness of her. She smiles at him. He smiles;puts his hand on her stopping her for a moment. Looking up,she sees that he is serious now; no more jokes. He releasesher hand.EDWARD(quietly)One more night and you're finallyrid of me.VIVIANYeah, you've been pretty tough to take.EDWARDI have to go to New Yorktomorrow.Vivian says nothing.EDWARD (cont'd)But I'll be back in Los Angeles.Soon. I'd like to see you again.I thought we could work outsomething... An arrangement.Vivian is silent.EDWARD (cont'd)I'll get you an apartment, buyyou a car --Vivian sighs, letting something go inside. Finished with histie, she turns away.EDWARD (cont'd)What is it?VIVIAN(not unkindly)What else? You gonna leave somecash by the bed when you passthrough town?EDWARDIt wouldn't be like that. I wantto get you off the street. You'llhave a different kind of life.What's wrong with that?VIVIANI'm sorry. That's very sweet,Edward, and I know you mean it...She is silent.EDWARDVivian, I've thought about thisa lot. This is the best solution.VIVIAN(shakes her head "no,"then continues tyinghis tie)When I was a little girl, mymother locked me in the attic whenI was bad, which was pretty often.I'd stare out the window up thereand make believe I was a princesstrapped in the tower by the wickedqueen. Then suddenly a knighton a white horse with his brightcolors flying would ride up.Rescue me from the tower, and thenwe'd ride off... but never, everin all the times I had that dreamdid the knight say, "Come on baby,I'll put you up in a great condo."She finished his tie.EDWARDVivian, life's not a fairy tale.VIVIAN(softly; to herself)I know.(a beat)Hey, don't mind me. I'm beingstupid.(more)I'll think about it, okay? It'sa real good offer for a whore.EDWARDI've never treated you like awhore.VIVIAN(not mean)You just did.The doorbell suddenly rings in the living room.   Most of us take life for granted. We know that one day we must die, but usually we picture that day as far in the future, when we are in buoyant health, death is all but unimaginable. We seldom think of it. wow gold, The days stretch out in an endless vista. So we go about our petty task, hardly aware of our listless attitude towards life.  The same lethargy, I am afraid, characterizes the use of our faculties and senses. Only the deaf appreciate hearing, only the blind realize the manifold blessings that lie in sight url=]wow gold[/url]. Particularly does this observation apply to those who have lost sight and hearing in adult WOW Power leveling life. But those who have never suffered impairment of sight or hearing seldom make the fullest use of these blessed faculties. Their eyes and ears take in all sights and sound hazily, without concentration, and with little appreciation. It is the same old story of not being grateful for what we conscious of health until we are ill.  I have often thought it would be a blessing if each human being were stricken blind and deaf for a few days at some wow gold time during his early adult life. Darkness would make him more appreciative of sight; silence would teach him the joys of sound. WOW Power leveling Now and then I have tested my seeing friends

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    LOL, Gikoou0326.




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