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    Default newest theory (on the hole story)

    and now for my newest theory (on the hole story):
    both earth and mars are the same thing... a world of illusion where, just like matrix, all of the population live inside a huge magical computer. but if earth is the magical computer that well sustained, mars is a lesser and out of control one even though it's the newer one.
    the reason why earth program is still continue to run smoothly and mars are running downhill is because the usage of magic. mars overuse magical power, while earth maintain it very well.
    longer version:
    >in earth, magic ability is a secret.. only a few people compare to all population know how.. that's why many people live not knowing any magic.. why there's no magical creature like dragons and magic snail.. the programs that exist to take care the wellbeing of humans here are not running wild
    >while in mars, magic is used by almost everyone... an is known by everyone.. what worst, the small programs that were spose to exist to maintain the lives of the human are also running wild, breeding and stuff, eating out the magical power

    the theory explain:
    1. why it took time for nagi to save negi and why he must go afterward asap.. matrixwise: he gotta plug in and plug out undetected
    2. what alberio mean when talking to eva by saying that nagi is still in earth but can not be contact (not the exact word).. matrixwise: nagi is on the REAL world where ever it is.. not the magical earth computer
    3. what chao mean by saying that she is a martian from the future... matrixwise: she is from the REAL world (maybe on the real mars).. somehow manage to hack into the magical earth.. while the future mean that the program in earth is an old one... this also gives us hope that she might be reappear..
    4. what chao trying to achieved when make the magic recognition wish thingy using that tree... matrixwise: she is trying to make earth magical program run like mars magical program
    5. why when chao's leaving it somehow the same way when nagi leaves
    6. whay it mean by old world and new world.. matrixwise: mars is a new magical computer (but not well maintained)... earth is an old magical computer that still have those old rules and stuff
    7. why fate and co destroy mars-earth connection.. so that when mars magical program is reseted, earth magical program doesn't get effected.. matrixwise: so that old computer program will not get effected by mars reseting..
    8. what fate is trying to do, to plug out all the human population from this rundown magical computer... matrixwise: waking up those who got trapped on the rundown magic computer... this also mean that there's a chance that chao will appear to stop negi from stopping fate, gives sense to all this mess.
    9. why rakan is soo powerfull... matrixwise: he is one of those anomaly on the mars magical computer.

    in all i dunno what happen to the real world so that many people lives on the magical computers... but this hole negi adventure story and nagi past story is a story of seeking the truth of the world... nagi and prolly co. already there at the end (real world). while negi and co. is going there.. matrixwise: nagi is the ONE from the old days... while negi is the new ONE, while the class is the oracle apartmen where girls are prepared to go out...
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    I see you took my theory about the Magic World akin to a computer and ran with it.. lulz

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    pretty much.. thought i don't agree about asuna... and also forget to explain it.
    10. asuna is a HUMAN, meaning that she has a real body sleeping dormant somewhere in mars.. her age mean that she was trapped in the mars magical computer so her brain can be used to "maintain" it. this is why b4 meeting with nagi she must remain in nothingness.. you could say that she was sacrificed so the magical comp could run the hole planet..
    11. reading no 10. then you must wonder about earth... whose brain is used to run that magical computer?? well considering the symptom.. nothingness, lack of social communication; the location... a place where huge amount of magic is supplied continuously (periodically) and so on and so on, and most of all the meaning of her existences in the future story... i would guess (you prolly already guessed it at this time)... zazie rainyday....
    12. no 10 and 11. would mean that the last arc of this manga is centering zazie.

    PS all the word computer i said above doesn't really meant computer... it's more of a huge system and so on and so on
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