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Thread: Msn 282

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    Default Msn 282

    There's a scan of Msn 282 at Onemanga (here)

    It's still full of watermarks but until a better raw comes out it'll have to do.

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    pretty awesome, i just hope we're not headed for another training arc. there's no way for negi to uncover the fake, is there ? unless he makes her fall in love with him, but he doesn't know that. then again, that might happen unintentionally considering they're going alone

    don't really care about watermarks, haha, it's still very readable

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    Awesome Chapter, this is why negima is my favorite manga, what will negi do now ....

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    what a chapter! worth the wait ... i agree.. what will negima do now... ...

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    I've been browsing through wikipedia, and this is what I found:
    It is about humans trying to exploit a nation of robots, or something like that. I wonder if it has any relation to that staff that holds the lives of the Magic World's inhabitants?

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    like i said b4, those that are not human are part of the magic that run this place.... so it's a world of people that most of them made of magics (they are not exist in the real world... just a made up ones)..

    but apparently they are to many of em and they keep on growing, making the entire magic system that spose to be there for human become less and less sufficient (kinbd of like they eating up the magic that was there..).. that where fate comes out to somehow press the reset button.. why i said that he is not a bad person... and prolly after this mess somehow also become one of negi's team

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    Get a GPS and look for me there...


    edit: sorry, gotta redo that hypothesis again...

    Alternate Mars: one giant computer
    Mars just by itself: just the case of the computer
    The small fry Keys of the Lifemaker: USB Flash Drive (can vary from 2 GB to 32 GB which is sold for $9.88 to $69.00 and that's with no tax btw)
    Grand Master Key: External Hard Drive; 320 GB costs $79 or the 2 TB which costs I believe like $150 or something (must be salesperson in me.. D: )

    now, let's just say the computer (alternate Mars) was already breaking down on you and that you wanna change parts already due to the fact that you need to upgrade the computer. One problem: you need to back up the data files (aka the people of Magic World) and transfer it to another computer. Let's say that the Code of the Lifemaker (Grand Master Key) is the one that backs up all of the registry files, the most important files running and the rest of the Keys are USB hubs where you transfer the files. The Operating System of the Magic World that we know (let's say it was Vista cause Vista sucked IMO) and that the Lifemaker (who may or may not be the owner of the computer aka the one great rulder) wanted it to change to Windows 7 (aka Kosmo itself where Fate and Rakan were having tea.)

    He wouldn't need to upgrade the OS but there was a problem: the minor border conflict. Let's say that border conflict was the data files stealing RAM (aka stealing more stuff than what they would really need) so he launches a game (the war twenty years ago) so that the RAM gets distributed evenly. The protagonists get to be Nagi and Ala Rubra while Fate and his merry men were the villains and the Man Behind the Man was Lifemaker him/herself (we don't even know the gender of that person so let's just call him/her gender neutral). Anyways, he disappears into the shadows and created another back up person for the fruition of that person's plans (Fate III aka Tertium who developed a conscience by himself). 20 years later, Tertium aka the Fate we know reenacts the plans given to him by his master Lifemaker.

    Now, unless Negi knows what he can do about the situation, there's really not much hope for Magic World. Unless, Chisame (who's the computer tech savvy of the group) figures out the problem and solves it converting computer terminology and shizz to Magic World stuff.

    tl;dr: anyone knows what computers are will probably laugh at this theory.. of course, if you put in the fact that KA did AI Love You, he may probably be sending a message here about computers... and maybe.. just maybe.. he's teaching us how to repair computers on our own...

    wait... OH SHI-!!! HE'S A GENIUS!!!! Disguising a manga into an instruction manual on how to fix your computers by your own self!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!
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