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Thread: chapter 266

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    Default chapter 266



    and dayum...

    so... did he really survive or not? looks like he warped or something...

    and dayum... is it bad that I imagine Life Maker as Keisar Ephes? and Arika as C.C.?

    too bad he didn't die from the Shoryuken... instead, he gets a SPEAR!

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    For the sake of simplicity, can we keep chapter discussions to scanlated chapters only in future? Thanks.

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    It seems to be implying that the Mage of Beginning is still alive...
    Seems like Godel was part of the faction that wanted to use Asuna as a weapon?

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    i agree with 98abaile: dont start discussing the chapter b4 the scanlation is out

    scanlation is out by rehwynscans @ they rarely make scanlation. so don't expect any good result (i give the 9 from 10 )....

    questions.. is nagi saying 'master' at page 16 mean that the mage of beginning is nagi true master? WTF.. and if the entire government on magic worlds is the ala alba enemies then no wonder all of them hiding in the old world huh??
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    Get a GPS and look for me there...


    pssh.. you can always just read the trans and look at the image...

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    I like the way Nagi thinks. Through Mage of the Beginning must have something interesting to offer. Pity he doesn't bother to explain himself to most people (and in fact seems to have explained it only to Fate&Co and maybe Nagi).
    Still, with the way governor-general explains his plans, it's no wonder he has so many enemies.

    It seems that governor-general wants to save only human population of Mundus Magicus. Perhaps by evacuating them to the Real World. And Fate&Co works against it. By doing stuff like blowing up gateports.
    Megalomesembrian council probably refuses to admit the danger and thus acts against them, afraid of losing power. Why Hellas Empire got listed as an enemy is unclear. Probably because they can't just evacuate to Real World with its masquerade and thus they want to keep Mundus Magicus alive.

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    That sound really logical, still even if Godel is not that bad, will Negi join his party? I don't think so, since he is into the save the whole world thing.




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