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    Default Who do you think you're most similar to?

    Just for fun thread, pick any character/s thats similar to you and explain.

    I would have to say I'm a mix of Konoka and Yue. Sometimes I think too much, sometimes I don't think at all. I follow Yue's concept of being downright lazy in studies 100% even though I know I am capable. While Yue's passion is in magic, mine would be games. I take after Konoka's mindset of "take it as it comes", but do not have as much positivity as she has. In terms of love, I would be more like Chachamaru; protective, sentimental and still learning the ropes.

    Theres LOADS of characters, I wonder if theres an Al among us, or maybe a Kurt Gondel, LOL.

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    .....prolly Negi or that i think about it.

    "You have other hearts trapped within you as well, dont you?"
    "You're that guy from last time! What are you talking about?!"
    "The other Hearts within you."
    "Hearts trapped within me....?"

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    i never stop thingking. but am lazy and have bad grades..exactly like yue i guess..
    but i'm calm, i never get upset like when i got bad grades and stuff alike maybe likew kaede
    i like to smile (more like always) when handling any type of situation kind of also like kaede or chizuru (cuz i also can be scary too sometimes but not alot...)
    and i got daydreams alot.... i don't know who's like that on msn but the closest one i guess is asuna (but her dream is about the past though... and it's not actually daydreaming)
    and even though i got lots of friend i like to be alone more often (it help me daydreaming) like eva
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    hmmm i'd guess it has to be, al, for me, i'm normally quite around and not really sociable, although there are times where i mess around with friends ^_________^

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    Recently, I think I''m a bit like Rakan.
    Say all the bold stuff, and then skip out on the chores.
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    lots of Yues here
    me? I have similarities with Akira, I'm usually the quite individual in the group, unless I feel it's necessary for me to voice out opinions/clear misunderstandings..

    I also have similarities with Rakan.. not in the stupidity or the invincibility.. but more often than not I can't be bothered to give a damn about anyone or anything.. unless a reasonable rate of compensation was offered for every 10 minutes of my time




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