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Thread: MSN chapter 243

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    I'm pretty sure any combination of the two that Negi could have done would have been used in his initial "knock his ass down and GO GO GO" plan. Everything beyond this point is going to be Negi dodging the hell out of every attack, and maybe scoring in one hit to find out that it does nothing.

    Like I said before. It's gonna have to be a fluke for him to win this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gammon029 View Post
    Back in the flow chart Rakan drew for Negi vs Fate (ch237), he only drew Darkmode Negi plus Lightning Absorbed "Thousand Bolts" Negi and it still wasn't close to Fate. So I'm assuming Negi can already combine both of those modes.
    you obviously read something wrong.. the magic Negi was using for his pro armationem was jovis tempestas fulguriens as he hadn't mastered the thousand bolts yet!/237/06/

    as for Rakan using magia erebia I'm now 99% certain that he's not using it here:!/204/14/
    Rakan puts on a magic activation ring before he demonstrates to Negi how to use ME and he uses a rather long incantation..

    and in the most recent 4 chapters it's apparent that Rakan isn't wearing a ring of any kind in this battle so far..

    so unless he was wearing an invisible ring or he had a ring in his pocket then wore it and then did the incantation while face down (that's the 1% ) he's not using magia erebia..

    although making Rakan use ME is probably Negis shortest path to victory:!/204/18/

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    Mist, how in the hell did you notice that ring. And Rakan's incantation was just for the Incendium Gehennae. Doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't have any short-chant spells in his head.


    Oh, and this is how he's going to beat Rakan in the end:!/239/12/

    Double supplementum. If he wins without this, then... shit.

    @Jehuty: lol. Ranka can kick Rakan's ass f'sho.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarST
    And your name's annoying to type; from now on you're sazny.
    Farleen // Number 42

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxsaznpride View Post
    @Jehuty: lol. Ranka can kick Rakan's ass f'sho.
    LOL i know that too.....guess no one will forget me for that little mistake i did with the name XD

    And i didn't noticed that about the double supplementum.....until you make your point on that image XD

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    Wow Rakan just proved how big a badass he is.


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