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    Smile Setsuna Demonic Power??

    will Setsuna released her demon power since she is a winged hanyō
    In chapter 229, she is quite pissed off with her power standard right now after fighting with Tsukuyomi ( sometimes i wonder whether Setsuna has been fighting seriously )
    i wonder what will happen if she fights with Tsukuyomi again..........will she wins or lose

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    Quote Originally Posted by lojin View Post
    ( sometimes i wonder whether Setsuna has been fighting seriously )
    I wondered about that so many times.
    In the Kyoto arc, you get the impression that she's a novice.
    But then, later we learn that she's actually the strongest.
    IMO, her powers have been very inconsistent throughout the story.

    I really doubt Setsuna will reveal her demon side, or that she has any.
    And I'm also anticipant to see if they'll show Kotaro's beast form completely...

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    pretty sure he will... one of these days...


    Dark Negi + Demon Setsuna + Inugami mode Kotaro...

    I think we're seeing some combos in here... lawl...

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    Weren't Setsuna defeating demons by dozen? In Negima, being a demon doesn't mean you're particularly powerful. Of course, if Setsuna's parents were very powerful demons, that's another story.
    But i believe that Setsuna should be able to defeat Tsukuyomi with her own power. Preferably by learning that Zan Gan Ken Nino Tachi from Love Hina.

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    I think we've seen Kotaro and Setsuna's " full demon" forms. remember, both of them are half-human, so their full demon forms will look more human than others.

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    i think she only need to be more ecchi. just like what rakan says... if she does that she doesn't need to be "full demonic" to get stronger

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    Angry Hey, you have a great view here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

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