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@Leia: First anime isn't canon... none of the anime series are canon material.
@Quincy80: who's the half-demon?

@CPN: I don't see how you can say Setsuna and Konoka were intended without saying Eva was as well. HOW can Eva not be intentional, she's the fucking Childqueen of Darkness, Tidings of Woe, etc.. You have to remember that Nagi specifically asked the Konoemon to let her into his school, so I don't see her being put under the watchful eye of Nagi's ex-partner as random at all.

And how can Chao be planned? She came from the future under the disguise of being from... everyone else in her class said China. And that part about her not being able to take on everyone from 3-A... she probably meant that she couldn't do anything in the state she was in. If her Cassiopeia 3 were still operational (in other words, if Negi were retarded), then the class wouldn't have been a problem because, as we saw earlier on, two of the strongest people in the class got beat in with a baseball bat.

On top of that, she could have also meant that she couldn't bring herself to actually fight against some of them (Ku and Satsuko, primarily).
Chao was planned, she probably planned herself to be part of 2a in order to be with her ancestor/involve him in her plan/etc, remember she is from the future and linked to Negi, her involvement in turn leds to Chachamaru's creation (remember the robots were created with input from chao) that's why I say that chachamaru was random, eva is random but it doesnt matter much since for Negis blood she would've pursued him regardless of her grade

And please forgive for going even farther off topic, but Chao is really a quiz no matter how you look at it, being from the future and being descended of Negi implies that she somehow messed with Negi's fate, something wich she did regardless of not having magic exposed

Now to really throw an off topic, have anyone considered that 1) Chao probably succedded? 2) That Chao's magic (dangerous magic) is a side effect of Negi learning black magic? could it be that Negi's black magic marks all his descendants? 3) Will she (Chao) ever come back?