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Thread: Chapter 228

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    The name of the Big Boss Ken's wife is Kannon or Kanon. She is used to be a Japanese singing idol.

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    Get a GPS and look for me there...


    k... with the latest chapter out... it's leaning towards Asuna being a fake.. I mean.. it feels like she was a fake or something...

    but yeah... Ala Alba's taking a backseat now..

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodavlas View Post
    k... with the latest chapter out... it's leaning towards Asuna being a fake.. I mean.. it feels like she was a fake or something...

    but yeah... Ala Alba's taking a backseat now..
    I, agree, I agree!

    Yeah, chapter 229 shows Fate's plan to infiltrate the twilight princess..
    She must be fake!

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    AQS has released chapter 228....

    Lulzy to read
    And now for a word from his Royal Highness:

    My people, how long has it been since I last saw your smiling faces? Weeks? Months? Years, even? But fret not, my young lords and ladies, for I have returned in my infinite splendor and glory to lead you once again!

    ... or I ran out of booze money and came running back to Elder Aqua and his bottomless satchel of silver coins.

    Allow me to explain...
    I left Aquastar in a blind stupor, my most trusted editors having been murdered - nay, slaughtered - dispensed of in ways so unspeakable and unimaginable that I won't waste any time speaking of or imagining them. So, depressed by having witnessed the executions of my dear [s]peons[/s] [s]servants[/s] colleagues, as well as suffering from a debilitating case of university-level senioritis (Kingioritis?), I took to the road to the badlands with a bag full of cash slung over my shoulder and a tear in my eye.

    It was there that I was known as the "Wandering Crown": a royal who had lost his way of life and settled all problems with a shot of gin followed closely by a larger shot of whiskey. During my stay, I collected a group of rag-tag adventurers, all of whom having had their lives and families torn away from them by assassins that were in no way, shape or form controlled by me or any parties related to me or my compatriots. We traversed the wilds of the lands, fighting off beasts and bandit parties, asking only for cheap booze and even cheaper women as our rewards. Eventually, our time together came to a close, as each man found his own calling in life, wishing to abandon the ways of the sword and finally settle down. Also, half of them were arrested because of sexual assault charges.

    The team disbanded and my pockets empty, I soon began to reflect on what it was that was missing from my life. It wasn't long before I realized that everything I wanted was right back here in my kingdom of kingdoms. And so, I boarded (read: hijacked) a train from the border lands and made my way back here.

    ... also, we finally recruited some new editors, so I could do actually do my job again.

    So now, with a new group of merry, energetic, and surprisingly-hard-working-without-any-form-of-physical-violence-y staff members, we can finally get back to doing what we do best: scanlating while under the influence. Hurrah!

    Today's Kingly Advice: Apparently, there are many different definitions of the word "consensual".

    Your King has spoken... b***es.
    EDIT: what... the slashing BBC Code doesn't work...?
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    ^^lol the parody on the credits page was also hilarious


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