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    Default Takamichi's contact

    I was a little frustrated after I read Ch. 215. I just want to know what happen to Haruna, Anya, and Chamo as well as what is Takamichi's and Mana's mission in the Magic World. Takamichi didn't expect Fate's attack on the Magic Gates. Then, Fate frames Negi, and Ala Alba. Takamichi knows Negi's trip to the Magic World was to find information on his father Nagi.

    Because of his celebrity status, and his mission to the Magic World, Takamichi can't contact Negi personally. The best which Takamichi can do is to find a friend who can be his contact. At first, Takamichi's contact could be Jack Rakan. Unfortunately, Jack turn out to an idiot.

    While Jack may have told Takamichi about finding Negi, he is somewhat less trustworthly. Jack was supposed to be at the Magic Gate teriminal to meet Donnet, and Negi and the others. It seems that Jack's loyality to his old friend Nagi helps to explain why he is with Negi and the others.

    The mystery member is Takamichi's best choice to be his contact. All the mystery member has to do is to establish contact with Negi, and Jack. Jack will quickly notice who the mystery member is and what he is doing.

    I will like to point out that the reason why I wrote this thread because I want to know what Takamichi has been doing since his arrival on the Magic World. Takamichi has notice that Negi is all right after he had seen the news of the fighter who calls himself "Nagi Springfield." Takamichi has to figure out a way to establish contact with Negi. By using a friend, Takamichi has found a way to contact Negi.

    If the mystery member was the intel officer of the Crimson Wing, he will be able to get around any obstacle, and contact Negi. Then he can establish a way to send reports to Takamichi, and help Jack to protect Negi and the others.
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    He's probably trying not to make a scene so he could work more effectively?

    If everyone knew he was there bombarding him giving him such high status, would that really help him do his work?

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    I bet he is in disguise lurking in the shadows on Fate's trail trying to see what Fate is really up to. He would find that more important at this time. Since he was Asuna's personal guardian and he knows the truth about her I bet he is trying to find her and stop her from learning the truth. It will all unravel in time.

    Personally I think she will find out that he betrayed her. Like he kidnapped her from her family to begin with or worse ... he took her after he killed her parents. That would be a real plot twist. Meaning he watched out for her for all of this time out of guilt.
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